Advertising Code for online games of chance (ROK)

The Advertising Code Foundation will monitor compliance with the code and handle complaints. The code includes, among other things, that only 3 gambling advertisements per commercial break may be broadcast. Moreover, each advertisement may last up to 30 seconds.

This code applies to advertising by online gaming providers for online games of chance and games of chance and advertising for specific other games of chance insofar as indicated, all if and insofar as (also) directed at the Netherlands if and insofar as (also) directed at the Netherlands. This code does not affect the Betting and Gaming Act on the Games of Chance and the relevant regulations based on that Act, such as the the Betting, Advertising and Addiction Prevention Decree and the Regulatio.

The Advertising Code for games offered by licenses pursuant to the Betting and Gaming Act (Wet op de Games of Chance Act (RVK), is only applicable to advertising to which this code is applicable, if and insofar as such advertising is also advertising for other games of chance than online games of chance.

General Requirements

Advertising for online games of chance should generally:

  • direct consumers to legal offerings of gambling and keep them away from illegal offerings;
  • be restrained;
  • be aimed at responsible participation;
  • not incite to risky gaming behavior that could lead to gambling addiction;

Advertising for online games of chance does not

  • Persons under the age of 25 or who look like they are under the age of 25;
  • fantasy figures which appeal specifically to young people
  • Cartoon characters, superheroes or other fictional characters that may be expected to have
  • be expected to appeal primarily to minors or young adults; fantasy
  • young adults;
  • Athletes, other role models
  • Individual professional athletes or teams of professional athletes, without prejudice to Article 10,
  • own website of an online gaming provider solely in the context of a
  • discussion or announcement of a sporting event;

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