Casino's in Japan

Gambling no more forbidden in Japan
Until recently, the people of Japan could not take a gamble if they liked. In this beautiful country there had been a gambling ban for years. The government has changed this rule, although there were already some loopholes in the law that made certain gambling activities already possible. A good example of this is the game of Pachinko, because for the Japanese it had historical and cultural significance. The same was also the case for racetracks, which was overseen by the ‘Japan Racing Association’ and/or the government. Japanese who couldn’t make it to the racing grounds could also use one of the ‘Off-Track Betting Facilities’. Things really changed in 2016 though, when the so-called ‘Integrated Resort Programme Law’’ came into place. Because of this new law land-based casino games were allowed in Japan for the very first time.

Gambling in Japanese resorts

Anyone who likes to take a gamble in Japan can now visit casinos in often luxurious resorts. These places do have to apply to some rules, including the fact they must be a hotel, international conference hall and entertainment venue all at once. Casino operators must deal with strict screening as well. Online casinos are still relatively new. At the moment they’re still prohibited in Japan, but this might change in the future.

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