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Surprisingly, the legalisation of the gambling market and associated gambling advertisements is not leading to more gambling addicts. But what are the figures now? How many Netherlands gamble online now and how many gambling addicts will there be in 2023? You will find the answer to all these questions on this page at

Figures from Ladis, the national alcohol and drug information system, show that the number of gambling addicts fell by 10 per cent in 2021. Also in 2022, the first full year of legalisation of the gambling market in the Netherlands, the trend of a decline in the number of gambling addicts continues.

Which online gambling games will the Dutch play in 2023? Research shows the following figures

Sports betting
Dutch 62%, young adults 71%

Casino games, online slots
Dutch 50%, young adults 53%

Live casino games
Dutch 28%, young adults 35%

Online poker
Dutch 25%, young adults 20%

Online bingo
Dutch 15%

Number of aid applicants in the Netherlands

Number of people seeking help 1887
Share of addiction care 3%
Share of men 86%
Share of women 14%
Average age 35
Share of 25- 17%
Share 55+ 9%

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