Dice games Belgium

The dice games or rather the dice games are the most popular games in Belgium. Dice games are very popular among Belgian players, and as the name suggests, all symbols in the Dice game are made up of a dice game. Many variations can be found in the B and B+ licensed online casinos and landbased gambling halls licensed by the Belgian Gaming Commission.

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How to play dice games

There are two different Dice Games you can play. The first is the Dice Game itself, in which you strategically place a combination of three stacked dice in 3x3 frames, so that horizontally or diagonally there are three identical symbols in a single row. If you are able to place 9 stacked dice in a single frame, this usually results in extra bonuses. To win a prize, you need to score a certain number of points. Different symbols have different values and purposes; it is important to learn their meanings so you can figure out which combination is better.

Some dice games have a bonus phase and/or a mystery phase. When you roll certain symbols during a payline, the bonus phase may appear. During this phase, players can sometimes win mysteries; this leads to bigger wins. This makes it possible to win a mystery prize if players accumulate enough points for a higher prize.

You can play both Dice Games and Dice Slots. Dice Games are played with three to five slot machines; however, they can be divided into three to five rows. Dice Slots place more luck in the hands of the game by using three to five slot machines. Dice with a value greater than one are placed in Dice Slots at the beginning of a round. If several dice with different values appear in a payline, players can get all or part of their bet back. Many games explain how many lines each Dice Slot has and which symbols pay out the most. Many people like having lots of money paylines, so they have more chances to win. However, some people prefer a simpler game with fewer paylines.

BetFIRST has a wide range of Dice Slots that all offer different bonuses. Some Dice Slots even award mystery wins that work like Dice Games. Each one awards a different bonus, so you're sure to find one you like. In addition, many Dice Slots have multiple Scatter symbols that can be collected anywhere on the reels. Collecting these symbols earns free spins or extra prizes - it really is a great way to win a lot!

History of dice games

Belgians are not only born with a brick in their stomach but also with a dice in their hand. According to some researchers, the love for dice could have to do with Germanic roots and Roman roots. This love is clearly reflected in the transformation our online dice games have undergone in this digital age. No expense is spared to make the dice games as attractive and unique as possible.

Online Casino Dicegames

The old established casinos in Belgium have had the several dice games on offer since time immemorial because they know how popular this game is. Now we are also seeing the new casinos in Belgium, which often have headquarters abroad, expand their game offerings to include dice games. For example, casino Ladbrokes has only recently included dice games in its online casino being Dice Twister and Rollercoaster

Dice games Tournament

It goes without saying, of course, that dice games tournaments are very popular. To know when and in which casino these can be participated in, one can take a look at the online casinos themselves. If it doesn't matter in which casino the game is played but that the game itself is important, there are websites with handy overviews where popular dice games can be found per casino, such as on the website online dicespinner where the legislation has also been taken into account and thus only legal dice games in legal casinos are discussed. Such an overview saves time in that case which means more playing time.

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