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In the past few years, Bitcoin has become an incredibly popular currency. Also casino’s now accept Bitcoins as a payment option. Also popular gamble coins are litecoins, peercoin, reddcoin and blackcoin. Do you want to gamble and make a first deposit with ? Look at for the best online Bitcoin Casino’s in the world. Perhaps you don’t know everything about it and you think it’s still a ‘tricky’ payment method. 

The opposite is true. It’s actually the way forward in online payment for a online casino. People will use it more and more in the future. What are the advantages of Bitcoins and gambling.

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Illegal crypto casino's

Below are some casinos that accept crypto but are illegal for the Netherlands as they do not have a gambling licence.

Anonymous casino

Welcome bonus of 1 bitcoin for first deposit 




Safe payment Bitcoins

First of all, Bitcoins are a very save payment method. Your transactions are secured with very advanced encryptions. This is illustrated by the fact that these enscriptions are also used in government and military transactions. So it’s absolutely the safest payment method possible. The only thing you need is a protected online wallet. Many online casinos and other websites provide this for you.

Protected identity

With Bitcoin, you don’t have to worry about your money ánd identity. Your credit card information and money are fully protected by the encryptions. You can actually send an (international) payment without having to reveal your identity, which is not always the case with other payment methods.

Fast payments for gambling

Another advantage of Bitcoincasinos is that the international payments take place incredibly fast. When you pay someone on the other side of the world, he or she will receive the money within 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter if someone lives in Europa, Africa or Australia. The process is very quick because there’s no bank involved. Usually banks slow the entire process, which can be quite annoying sometimes.

International transactions
Usually you have to pay high fees for international transactions. This is not the case with Bitcoins. The Bitcoin network is actually completely free. However, if the transaction needs to be done even faster you can pay a voluntary fee. This is entirely up to you.

The Bitcoin community
Bitcoin is independent and not owned by any bank. It’s an open community like with intelligent developers and employees, and thousands of customers. You can spend your money without having to worry about corrupt bankers or failed banks.

A wallet for your money
Perhaps you’re very enthusiastic about Bitcoin gambling. A good moment to start! It is an easy process that is done in a few steps. First of all, you need to pick a so-called ‘wallet’. It means that you need to have an online place to keep your money. Nowadays web wallets are protected very well. Recommended are Sparecoins or Blockchain. These websites are very popular among customers and provide a safe place for your money.

Purchase bitcoins
You now have a wallet on a secured website. It’s time to buy some Bitcoins, an exciting step. It’s not a complicated task, but if you need help you can visit several websites with information about this process. Try Cubits or BTC-E for example. It’s also possible to purchase Bitcoins from other users. In that case you need to visit a community website, such as Local Bitcoins. Of course you have to spend the Bitcoins, why else would you purchase them? The great thing about Bitcoins is that you can use them for almost everything. Perhaps you want to purchase a new car or house with it, or play a casino game. 

Which games i can play with bitcoins?

You can play al the casino games like roulette, blackjack and videoslots.

BTC promotions

The slots are hotter than ever as a player just landed $118,396 on Lucky Coin. This is the second largest win in BitStarz History, which means the games are on FIRE! Why not land your own win as you get 100% extra on your next deposit, as well as 180 free spins? This is your chance!

Dogecoin casino’s

Dogecoin is a fun, new and rapidly growing form of digital currency. This form of digital currency is called “cryptocurrency”; a type of digital currency.
Cryptocurrency is completely anonymous, decentralized, and extremely secure.

Peercoin Casino

Peercoin seeks to be the most secure cryptocoin at the lowest cost, rewarding all users for  the network by giving a 1% annual PPC return when minting.

Blackjack money with bitcoins

The casino industry has changed a lot over the years. For example, a new type of players have appeared because of the internet. They take a gamble from the comfort of their own home in online casinos. However, some things never change. Take the popularity of Blackjack for example. This traditional casino game has been around since the 17th century. The rules have been basically the same for centuries, and millions of people all over the world simply love it. What are the basic rules of Blackjack?


At the Blackjack table with bitcoins
After placing a wager the dealer shares the between from left to right. Eventually every player at the table has two cards. The dealer has also two cards in his or her hand, but just one of them is visible. The other card is placed faced down on the table. The dealer only shows his cards when he has Blackjack. This happens when your hand is higher than the dealers. However, your numbers need to be less than 21.

Options during Blackjack
During a Blackjack game you have several options, namely ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. Say ‘hit’ when you want to another card, and ‘stand’ when you’re perfectly fine with the cards in front of you. You can hit as many times as you want, unless your hand exceeds the total of 21. Then you ‘bust’ and lose your ‘wager’. A game of Blackjack is all about guessing that your cards are better than those of the dealer.
Double, split or surrender
There are some other interesting options during Blackjack as well, but they’re used less. For example you can double your wager when you think your cards are perfect. This is called the ‘Double’. Do you have two cards with an equal value? Then choose the ‘Split’ option, that makes it possible to split your cards into two hands. To do so, you need to place a second wager with the same amount as the first. Sometimes your simply about of luck. In that case ‘Surrender’ is the best option you have. You give back your hand and lose 50 % of your wager as a result, while the other 50 % is returned.

The major advantage of Bitcoins
Players use several payment methods to play Blackjack. In this regard, online casinos have a major advantage. You play and pay in a secured and encrypted environment. Besides real money it’s also possible to pay with Bitcoins. This payment method has become incredibly popular over the years. It’s an independent and very safe way of paying in an online casino. Bitcoin is used more and more every day in the United States. Thanks to online casinos and secure payment methods you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to play.

Anonymous bitcoins payment
Bitcoins are used for many casino games, including Blackjack. One of the major advantages is that you don’t have to wager in another currency, like dollars. Many people also like Bitcoin because they’re completely anonymous. When using his payment method you don’t have to share your personal details. So your privacy and money is incredibly safe. One of the online casinos that offer bitcoin Blackjack is mBt. This modern online casino is recommended because of the many casino games, user-friendly interface and Bitcoin payment method.

Why Bitcoin Games is unique in the casino world

Since 2009, Bitcoin has conquered the world. Nowadays there are many exchanges where you can trade it. The popular cryptocurrency can also be found in online casinos such as Bitcoin Games. In this Las Vegas themed place it’s possible to play casino games with Bitcoin. It makes this online casino unique. Bitcoin Games also offers several other advantages. What can you expect?

Take a gamble and use Bitcoins

Do you like to take a gamble? Then it might be worth it to invest in cryptocurrency and/or play in online casinos like Bitcoin Games! The casino games are available on smartphones. So you can play when and wherever you want. You always have access to your Bitcoin wallet, even when you’re travelling! You only need an Android app to download and install amazing games, such as Blackjack and Video Poker. Slots are supported with Android as well. Just click on the ‘Android App’ link, which can be found at the top right site of the website.

How to create an account at Bitcoin Games?

It’s incredibly easy to start playing over here, because a registration is not needed. Instead, you can create an anonymous account. Fill in your personal details at the profile button below the chat window. It has a red and white colour and is easy to find. Always create a user name for your account. Perhaps you have a nickname that is perfect to use for this casino. A unique URL is given to you. Click on the account tab in the leaderboards to go there. Always save this unique url so that you can return to your account whenever you want. It’s a good idea to boomark the Bitcoin Games URL, so that it’s easier to get back to your account every time. Don’t forget to save the account key as well. This is very important, because you cannot access your funds without it.

Don’t wait for a confirmation
Bitcoin Games is different than any other online casino. Usually it’s very annoying that you have to wait for a confirmation before it’s possible to start playing. Luckily, at this casino you don’t have to wait for a confirmation after your first deposit. The play money is available within seconds. Perhaps you’re having a question about a certain game. Bitcoin Games has a special page to help all players. Just click on the ‘help’ button to go there, and all your questions will be answered soon.

Use a Bitcoin wallet
Of course you need to have Bitcoins to start playing at Bitcoin Games. First, purcahse Bitcoins at It doesn’t matter how much Bitcoins you have. With a small budget 50 or 100 euros is perfectly fine. You’ll get a part of the Bitcoin in that case. Or perhaps you like to gamble with a large amount of money, for example 1000 euros or more. The choice is up to you! The online casino creates a wallet for you to put your deposits in. The button to do this can be found at the bottom of your computer screen. The only thing you need to do is to send Bitcoins to your deposit address. It’s possible to use your mobile phone to access the Bitcoin wallet. In that case you need to use a QR code that appears on the screen.

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