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Holland Casino (trade name of Holland Casino N.V., established as the National Foundation for the operation of casino games in the Netherlands) is the only legal provider of casino games in the Netherlands. The first casino opened its doors in Zandvoort in 1976. Pursuant to Article 27h, first paragraph, of the Games of Chance Act, the Board of Directors of the Gaming Authority can only grant one legal person the right to organize gaming casinos. This license was granted to Holland Casino by decision of December 17, 1975

Holland Casino Favorites card

Do you like to be treated like a King or Queen at the casino? Then the Favorites Card with its special offers and many privileges is definitely recommended for you. This card was recently developed by Holland Casino and you can use it for several occasions. What are the benefits of the Favorites card?

Holland Casino Favorites card and app

Perhaps you’re a new visitor of Holland Casino. It has several branches all over the Netherlands. On their website you can find a lot of information, including the benefits of the Favorites Card and the app. The Holland Casino Favorites app was introduced in May 2018. You can download it in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. The app gives players many advantages, for example a clear overview of the casino visits and some nice promotions from the casino. With the card you can earn points during a gamble, for example on a slot machine. Then you need to go to cashier to redeem it for money or spend it at the restaurant or bar.

Earn points with the savings program
One of the greatest things about the Favorites Card is that it has a savings program. Sometimes free points are send by e-mail, so make sure you check it regularly. Users can earn free points and spend it in the restaurant if they like. 3000 points are worth 1 euro. Make sure you earn a lot of them. It’s also possible to redeem points for cash at the cash register. Spend the money in the casino afterwards or simply buy something nice for it.

Benefits of the Favorites card
The Favorites card has more benefits than points to eat or drink alone. It also makes entering the casino more quick and easy and you often receive nice personal offers from the casino. Think about an invitation to an exclusive event, for example. You feel like royalty over here! As icing on the cake, the Favorites Magazine will be send to you every quarter of the year.

Exclusive cards of Holland Casino

Holland Casino likes to reward loyal players with special cards. For example, if you spend a lot of money in the casino a ‘Platinum’ or ‘Diamond Card’ could be given to you. With these cards it’s possible to earn points with your Favorites Card twice as fast. However, you can also earn points quickly by enjoying the slots and table games of Holland Casino often. A point is given for every euro you spend.

How to earn a special card?
Only regular visitors are eligible for the Diamond Card. You need to pay a visit to the casino at least 25 times a year. If this is no problem for you, try to get the card as soon as possible. Some great benefits will be given, including free drinks for your guests. Perhaps you don’t have time to visit the casino that much. The Favorites Platinum Card is great as well. To receive it, you need to take a gamble in the casino at least 12 times a year. It’s fantastic to have the Platinum Card, because three of your guests will receive free admission and earning points on the slot machines goes a lot of faster. Last but not least, there’s the Black Card. It’s for people who love the casino, but visit it less often. 4 times a year is enough to receive the Black Card and enjoy its benefits, including free admission for your guests.

Easy to use
The Favorites Card is really simple to use. It doesn’t matter if you have the Diamond, Platinum or Black version. Just put it in the card reader of the slot machine and start with the casino game. You’ll earn points automatically. Using it for the table games is a little bit different. In that case you need to give your Favorites card to the croupier. You’ll earn points immediately. However, remember that points for table games are only given in Holland Casino Scheveningen and Holland Casino Eindhoven.

Nice discount
Perhaps you like to have an overview of your current points balance. It can be found in the Favorites app, so that you know immediately how many points can be spend in the bar or restaurant. You immediately benefit from the card during a purchase. A discount of 5 or 10 percent on your food and/or beverages is no exception.

Free drinks
Did you know that it’s even possible to get free drinks with the Favorites card? Holland Casino has selected some non-alcoholic beverages for you. It depends on your card how much drinks are given away for free. For example, Black and Platinum Card Holders can use this privilege every weekday until 5 p.m. It’s even better for Diamond Card Holders, because they benefit from it the entire week.

Casino games Holland Casino

The Netherlands has only one legal supplier of casino games, namely Hoand Casino online. Its trade name is Holland Casino N.V and back in the day it was established as the National Foundation for the operation of casino games in the Netherlands. Holland Casino has several establishments in the Netherlands, of which the one in Zandvoort is the oldest. It opened its doors in 1976, so the history of this casino goes way back.

Holland Casino: only supplier of casino games
Holland Casino is the only supplier of casino games in the Netherlands because of Article 27h of the Gaming Act. According to this act, the board of directors of the Gaming Authority are allowed to authorize just one legal person to organize casino games. Holland Casino received this license on December 17, 1975. Interesting to note is that this casino is owned by the Dutch State, in which the State Secretary of Finance acts as a shareholder.

Not sold yet
According to a Coalition Agreement in 2012, Holland Casino would be sold. However, because of insufficient support in the Dutch Senate this still hasn’t happened. At the moment the company is still giving its entire net profit to the State, except for profits that benefit the own capital of Holland Casino.

How many people work at Holland Casino?
Visitors never get bored at one of the Holland Casino branches It has a total of 6532 slot machines and 466 table games! To maintain order and safety, every night many employees work at the branches of Holland Casino. In total about 3000 people work for this supplier of casino games. People obviously love to gamble, since Holland Casino had 1.1 million guests in 2015. On average a visitor spends about 99 euros during a night out at the casino.

How many branches does Holland Casino have?
You can find the headquarter of Holland Casino in Hoofddorp, while 14 branches can be found all over the Netherlands. The cities where you can take a gamble are Amsterdam, Amsterdam West, Breda, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen (temporary branch because of a fire), Leeuwarden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Utrecht, Valkenburg, Venlo and Zandvoort.

The slot machines of Holland Casino

At the Holland Casino branches you can find a wide range of slot machines. The best known are the 'classic' slot machines in all sorts of varieties, but Holland Casino also offers video-, roulette-, bingo- and poker machines. With slot machines it’s important that you get certain combinations of symbols on one or more paylines. Slots are played with credits. How much can you can wager differs per slot machine, as well as the number of winning lines.

Win extra money with bonus games
Many slot machines feature special bonus games that allow you to play free games or win extra credits, among other things. Sounds great, doesn’t it? In addition, a Jackpot can be won on each slot. Depending on the game and the slot, you can win low and high Jackpots, sometimes up to more than one million euros on the Mega Millions Jackpot! Besides several slot machines, can enjoy some table games of Holland Casino. Holland Casino is actually the only establishment in the Netherlands that has an exclusive right to offer table games. These are non-automatic games of chance, that always take place under the supervision of an experienced croupier. Try one of these table games and have some fun:
• Multi Roulette
• American Roulette
• Blackjack
• Blackjack 21+3
• Blackjack perfect pairs
• Live Bingo
• Casino 21
• 3 card Poker
• 4 Card poker
• Texas Hold'em Poker
• Multi Poker
• Straight Punto Banco
• Punto Banco Squeeze
• Pot Limit Omaha
• Diceball
• Money Wheel

What are the differences between arcade and Holland Casino slot machines?

Some other operators, such as arcades and restaurants, offer slot machines as well. However, there are some differences when you compare them to the slots of Holland Casino. For example, the minimum payout percentage for casino machines is 80 percent, which is about 92 percent in practice. The maximum bet in the hotel and catering industry and the gaming halls is 20 cents for the 'regular' slot machines up to a few euros on the multiplayer players. At Holland Casino, the maximum bet per chance is 50 euros with a maximum of 150 euros per game. The actual average bet per game at Holland Casino is about 1 euro. Not a lot of money, but if you’re lucky you can walk out of a Holland Casino as a millionaire!

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