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/licenseWhat makes Dutch bingo so popular is, of course, the fun party game. After all, you don't play bingo alone, you always play with a partner. In the Netherlands too, bingo is more popular than ever, but most players play it mainly for fun. I think you can count those Dutch people who have never played bingo on one finger.

Are there any legal bingo gambling sites in the Netherlands?

The number of gambling sites with a casino licence in the Netherlands is increasing. This has also increased the number of Dutch online casinos, some of which also offer online bingo. This will further increase not only the range of online bingo games on offer, but also the number of bingo bonuses and other bingo promotions. All online casinos and bingo sites licensed by the Gaming Authority are trustworthy. They must adhere to the strict rules of the Remote Gaming Act and are constantly monitored by the Gaming Authority in the process.

How do you play Bingo?

How do you play Bingo for real money? Is there something better than screaming out loud BINGO? This game of chance is popular for a reason. Did you know that there are different types of Bingo, such as British Bingo, Australian Bingo and American Bingo? Nowadays it’s even possible to enjoy it online.

How many balls and numbers does a Bingo game have? Bingo is usually played with 90 balls. Each card has 27 numbers in total, which are divided into 3 rows of 9 digits. The goal of American or British Bingo is that you stamp one, two or three rows on your card. The exact amount of money depends on the number of horizontal rows you can stamp.

Check the website for more info.

Play Bingo with several cards

Each Bingo player receives at least one card during a game. It’s also possible to play with several cards at the same time. Although this makes the game a little bit more difficult, you have a better chance of winning. A player can have as much chips as he wants, since there’s no chip limit. Make sure that you have enough chips to put on your Bingo card though, because it’s quite annoying to you have Bingo but not enough chips!

How to obtain a Bingo card?

It’s really easy to obtain a Bingo card. Most cards are usually sold in flyers or booklets. Most of them contain about 10 cards. Each card has its own colour, so you will never get confused. Remember that Bingo cards look different in each country. For example, a British Bingo card is not the same as an American Bingo card. During an American Bingo game there are five numbers in a row on the card. Above each row you see the letters of the word BINGO. Both the letter and the number of the ball that is being drawn have to match with your card numbers. If there’s a match with one number, you have to stamp it.

Always cover the right numbers
If you play Bingo with paper cards that cannot be reused, you can also stamp or scratch the number. Be careful to cover the correct numbers. If you make a mistake, you can write the prize money on your belly. Sometimes you’re allowed to stamp a square in your card before the Bingo game begins. This is usually a fixed spot, such as the middle part of the card. A stamp on the middle square is quite common in the United States.

Enjoy Bingo in arcade halls
Bingo is also organized at arcades. Over here a staff member usually has the honor to pull the balls and to read which number and letter is on the drawn ball. He or she grabs the ball without looking and the numbers are completely random. Are you lucky enough to have a full row of numbers? Then shout out BINGO! The person drawing the numbers must hear you immediately. He or she checks the numbers in the row, to prevent any mistakes. You don’t have to stop once a person has won by the way. Sometimes you can also win great second or third prizes.

Playing Bingo at your own home
Nowadays it’s also possible to enjoy Bingo at the comfort of your own home. Several toy shops sell Bingo to play at home. The game usually includes a bin or spinner, where you have to put the balls in. Some people also use a bucket or plastic bag for the little balls. There always needs to be someone who draws the numbers. He or she pulls the balls out of the bin, bag or bucket without looking into it.

Bingo websites 2023

Perhaps you’re not able to visit an arcade to enjoy a game of Bingo. Luckily there are other options, such as visiting a Bingo website from the comfort of your own home. Always read reviews about several websites and choose the best option. Create an account on the Bingo website with a username, password and active e-mail address. By doing so, you can easily retrieve any prices you may have won.

Always read the Bingo rules
It’s important to read the rules of the Bingo game before you start playing. What are the costs, for example? Most Bingo games are free, but sometimes you have to pay before you can join. On the website you will see your Bingo card, the numbers that have already been called and a list of players. Sometimes there’s also a chat room where you can talk with other players. Just type a message into the chat box and press enter. It’s nice to chat with other Bingo enthusiasts!

How does an online Bingo game work?
During a standard online Bingo game every player receives three cards. The numbers are called automatically. You do have to stamp the called numbers on your card numbers yourself, by clicking on the boxes. Pay attention to the fact that not every Bingo game is played in a traditional way. Some websites choose other patterns that you have to cover to win. You usually see the pattern in the top left corner of the websites. Have you completed your pattern? Then click on the ‘Bingo’ button and claim your prize.

Never use too many Bingo cards
It’s fun to play Bingo, but never use too many Bingo cards. This increases the chance of making a mistake. Also avoid overcrowded Bingo halls. This makes sense: how more people participate in a Bingo game, the less likely you win. It’s usually not that busy during weekdays (Monday to Thursday). During the weekend more people play Bingo, so be aware of that. Especially Bingo halls with nice bonus games, bonus money and big prizes are very popular. We wish you the best of luck!

What are the rules for organizing your own legal bingo?

Can you play bingo at home or with friends in the Netherlands? Bingo is also more popular than ever in the Netherlands, but most players play it mainly for fun. As I mentioned earlier, there are very few situations where bingo games can be organised with cash prizes. You have to meet very specific requirements to play for money, which is reserved for associations and foundations anyway. Even then, you must be able to meet all the requirements.

To be allowed to organize a small game of chance such as a bingo, one must number of legal conditions are met. These conditions are stated
referred to in Article 7c of the Gambling Act:
• the game of chance may only be organized by a Dutch person association that has existed for at least three years;
• this association must be clearly defined according to its statutes purpose. The purpose of the association may not be it
organizing games of chance;
• the prizes and premiums in cash or goods that can be won may not exceed € 400 per series or set and the joint value may not exceed € 1,550 per meeting;
• the meeting must be notified to at least 14 days in advance the mayor and aldermen of the municipality where the meeting takes place. This must include the location and time of the meeting be reported.
The mayor and aldermen supervise the organization and can de prohibit the meeting or lay down further rules.

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