How it works and the benefits of the Favorites Card of Holland Casino

With your favorites card at Holland Casino, you can enjoy many additional services. You earn points for every visit and every dollar you spend. Even if you order a drink, you save extra to play, enjoy and win. What if you visit us more often? Then enjoy more and more exclusive privileges. How do favorites work? What privilege do you have? Below is an overview. Guests 24 years and older can use the Favorites Card. From January 1, 2021, the new Xperience Card will be available for guests under the age of 23.

Holland Casino N.V. The casino provides two Experience Cards: one for guests aged 23 and older, and one for guests aged 18 to 22 with a medical condition. However, any visitor can choose to use the Favorites Card instead. You can look at the frequently asked questions to see if you have a question about your Favorites Card.

What are the benefits of the Favorites Holland Casino pass?

Looking for an evening out with lots of food, fun games and live entertainment? Head over to Holland Casino where you can find it all in one place.

  • We have a special bonus for you in the form of our Favorites Program.
  • These special privileges are unique to this school.
  • No cost of admission, expedited access, and reductions in the restaurant serve to bolster the benefits of this venue.
  • Giving out promotions only to winners.
  • Additional opportunities to earn prizes like the Favorites Jackpot and special promotions can be unlocked.
  • There is a benefit to each transaction: saving or spending points.
  • Buy things or use save points to access new areas while playing. Then, use them at the bar or restaurant to purchase game tokens or cash.

Additional material is added to the game.
Your first visit to our hospital includes a free Favorites Welcome Card full of extra features. Would you like to return more often? We'll replace your Welcome Card with a Black, Platinum or Diamond one. With this change, we'll continually offer you new privileges that are exclusive to you.

Welcome Card, Black, Platinum or Diamond Card

From your very first visit, enjoy the perks with the free Favorites Welcome Card. Will we see you more often? Then we will exchange your Welcome Card for a Black, Platinum or Diamond Card. This way, we surprise you with more and more exclusive privileges.

Terms and conditions Holland Casino Favourites Programme

The Holland Casino Favourites Programme is offered by Holland Casino N.V. ("Holland Casino"), a company registered in the Trade Register under number 68662289, located at Neptunusstraat 71, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands (2132 JP).The postal address of Holland Casino is PO Box 355, 2130 AJ Hoofddorp. The general e-mail address of Holland Casino is

In these Terms of Use ("Terms of Use") the following terms and expressions are defined as follows:

Customer Research: Holland Casino conducts customer research under the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act.

Participant or you: a Holland Casino guest participating in the Favourites programme under the Favourites Terms and Conditions.

Favourites App: an application developed by Holland Casino under the name Holland Casino Favourites. Collection cards: welcome card, black card, platinum card and diamond card.

Favourites Programme: Holland Casino's loyalty programme under which the Favourites Cards and Savings Programme is offered.

Prevention policy: Holland Casino has a gambling addiction prevention policy (described in more detail on its website). Savings Plans: Savings Plans available under Collection Plans available at branches and on the website.

Savings points: Points earned by saving with Welcome, Black, Platinum or Diamond cards. Location: Holland Casino's Location Website: Holland Casinos Website Other definitions are in bold in the text.

These Favorites Terms and Conditions shall apply to all agreements and (legal) acts between Holland Casino and the Participant under the Favorites programme and to any use of the Favorites card by the Participant.

Holland Casino may unilaterally amend these Favorites Terms and Conditions. Changes shall be announced on the website and via the Favourites app. Participants shall be deemed to have accepted the revised terms and conditions of Favorites if they continue to use the Favorites programme and/or the Favorites card after the terms and conditions of Favorites have been amended.

Conditions for participation in the Favorites programme
The conditions for guests to participate in the Favorites programme are:

- be over 18 years of age and appear to be in possession of a valid proof of identity - and not be (temporarily) excluded from the services of Holland Casino and/or participation in the Favourites programme and/or certain related privileges, for example on the grounds of ( i) prevention policy, (ii) customer surveys or (iii) rules of Holland Casino.

Terms of Welcome Card, Black, Platinum or Diamond Card

Welcome Card
1. When a guest visits an establishment, the guest may be eligible for the Favorites programme starting with the welcome card. 2. The welcome card is valid for one year from the date of issue to participants.

Black card
1. A guest may qualify for a Black Card if he visits an establishment at least four (4) gaming days within a twelve-month period.
2. The Black Card is valid for one year from the date of issue to the participant.

Platinum Card
1. A Holland Casino guest may qualify for a Platinum Card if the guest visits the establishment on a minimum of twelve (12) playing days within a twelve-month period.
2. Platinum Cards are valid for one year after they are issued to participants.

Diamond Card
1. A Holland Casino guest may qualify for Diamond status if the guest visits the venue on a minimum of twenty-five (25) playing days within a twelve-month period.
2. Diamondcards are valid up to one year after being issued to participants.

General Collection Card
1. Collection cards are personal and non-transferable.
2. Each guest can only apply for a VIP card once within the validity period.
3. Application shall be made by completing the application form and returning it to Holland Casino with valid proof of identity.
4. Upon acceptance of the application to participate in the Favourites programme, Holland Casino shall issue a Favourites Card corresponding to the loyalty level.
5. Holland Casino may change the privileges of collection cards. Benefits applicable at any given time can be checked at the location and can be viewed on the website and via the Favourites app.
6. Privileges associated with collector cards are personal and cannot be transferred to others.

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