How to beat the slotmachines on internet?

How do slots work? Could you hack a videoslot? How do slots work? Learn about these terms and become a successful slotplayer.

How do slots work? Could you hack a videoslot? How do slots work? Learn about these terms and become a successful slotplayer. Play with 50 free spins and hack the slotmachine> Slots are popular for a reason. On a good day you can win a lot of money on these so-called ‘one-armed bandits’ . Nowadays they offer players a lot of possibilities, like great games and amazing bonuses. You should definitely try, because it increases your winning chance. How do slots work precisely? Read the following terms, and you know.

Payline: the right combination of symbols

Most terms relating to slots, bonuses and promotions are English, because it’s that most casino player speak. If you don’t understand the term, translate it in your own language. One the important terms that is often used is a ‘payline’. It means that you make a certain combination from left to right to win. If you see three combinations that are the same, you win. Another term being used for slots are is a ‘reel’. This is a group of vertical symbols who roll, most of the time you see 5 of them. When a slot game ends certain symbols will appear on your screen. Hopefully you have the right ‘payline’ or combination! There are some ways to increase your chance of winning. Use a so-called ‘Joker’ or ‘Wild’ for example. This element replaces the symbols on the slot, which is an interesting option because this makes it easier to get a winning combination.

Multiply your money

Another interesting option to win more money is the ‘multiplier’. This option is often activated after an ‘avalanche’, a term that will be explained later. With the multiplier option you can double the amount of money you get when there’s a winning combination. How many times your money will be multiplied depends on the number of times you win. Also take a look at the ‘return to player’ percentage of an (online) slot. This term is used for the pay-out percentage, which is usually between 90 and 99 percent. It means that if you have a ‘return to player’ percentage of 92 percent, about 92 euros of a 100 euro bet will be returned to the player. Learn about volatility Sometimes the term ‘volatility’ is being used for a slot. A high volatility means that you can win a lot of money, while a low volatility means that the payment is relatively low. On the other hand, the chance of winning at a slot with a high volatility is low.

Spin forever slot tricks

When you play, the slot ‘spins’. Eventually the combination of symbols appear. Thus the term ‘spin’ is often used in the casino industry. You need to click on a button to start spinning. Sometimes it’s also possible to spin on several slots at one time. This function is called the ‘autoplay’. For example, try your luck at one time with 20 spins at the same moment. Good luck! Before you can start playing, need to put some money in the slots. How more money you use, how bigger the possible win will be. This is called the ‘coin value’. So a high coin value means big money if it’s your lucky day. Not every slot pays as much. There are some differences between the machines, so always take a look at the so called ‘paytable’ on the slots where you can read the pay-outs. You will see the pay-out for certain symbols or slot games. Try to be successful with a ‘scatter’ and ‘avalanche’ The amount of money you put in the slot will decide your pay-out, especially when you use a ‘Scatter’. This term is being used when the total bet is being doubled for a combination of symbols. So you can win more money than with a normal ‘payline’. Besides that, Scatter symbols also active free spins or a bonus round. Free spins means that you don’t have to play for extra spins. They’re often given during a game, for example as ‘special symbols’. So a ‘scatter’ is definitely worth trying. This is also the case for the so-called ‘Avalanche’. When you have a winning combination, the winning symbols disappear immediately. Then other symbols ‘fall down’ on the place of the disappeared symbols. This makes it possible to make a winning combination several times, which obviously leads to more money.

Is it smart to choose a slot with a high hit frequency?

Obviously you can’t win a slot machine every time. Besides that, not every slot has a lot of pay-outs. The number of times that there’s a pay-out for a lucky winner is called ‘the hit frequency’. For example, when there’s a hit frequency of 20 percent, 2 out of 10 spins will be successful. Perhaps you think that choosing a slot with a high hit frequency is the best choice. This isn’t always the case, because a high frequency also means a lower pay-out. If you win on a slot with a lower hit frequency you might win a higher pay-out. Decide what works the best for you, and good luck!

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