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Tombola is an online casino founded in England in 2000. The casino is mainly focused on bingo games, making it one of the largest bingo sites in Europe. This is not only true in England, but also in other countries where it operates such as Spain and Italy. Tombola is now also licensed to offer bingo in the Netherlands. The online casino also offers various video games and has also included a number of casino games since 2016.


As of 1 October 2021, it will be legal to play at Tombola. This was announced by the Ksa two days before this date, when ten online gaming providers were told that they would be licensed under the new Distance Gaming Act (Koa). Gambling providers were allowed to apply for a licence as of 1 April this year and Tombola is one of the lucky ones that received an approval.

Besides the Dutch licence, Tombola has licences to operate in Great Britain, Spain and Italy. This makes it one of the largest bingo websites in the world.

Games on offer at Tombola

Dutch players can play at the Dutch version of the casino from October 21. This is later than the start date, but this has enabled the casino to expand the bingo offer. In addition, it is more fun to play bingo with several people, so the first weeks after obtaining the license were used to get potential players excited.

The bingo software
Tombola has its own software to run the games with. Because of this, the casino is not dependent on other software developers, such as Playtech, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. This applies to both the bingo games and the casino games.

Is Tombola available for Dutch players?
As a Dutch player, you can play at Tombola from the 21st of October. This is three weeks after the casino received its Dutch license, because they wanted to use this time to get potential players enthusiastic. This under the motto that playing bingo on your own is no fun. iDeal is a popular payment method in the Netherlands and therefore added to the payment options of the website.

What games can you play here?
Tombola only offers bingo games and variants. These games are fully proprietary, so the casino is not dependent on software from other developers.

What bonuses are available?
At Tombola you can get a welcome bonus of double your stake. You can deposit up to 25 Euros, giving you up to 50 Euros of free play. This bonus only applies to your first deposit after you have created an account. The minimum price for a bingo card is 10 cents each. You can also buy full strips, whereby you have several cards linked together. These strips cost at least 2 euros.

About the largest bingo site in the NetherlandsTomobola

The passion for bingo drives Tombola to create their own unique casino bingo games. Players get an exciting gaming experience through these new games. They have been licensed by the Dutch Gaming Authority. This means we can run games safely on our own servers and in the countries where they operate: Spain, Italy and England.

They have a friendly customer service team ready to help you via phone, live chat or email. Since 2006, their bingo site has provided a fun and responsible way for people to interact in a community. We started as a family business and began printing bingo cards in the 1950s. They believe in maintaining a close relationship with their community. This means they always strive to provide games that players can still enjoy without beating the bank.

What are the rules at Tombola Bingo in Holland?

You must be 18 years of age or older and live in the Netherlands. You can contact Ideal customer service if you live outside the Netherlands but have a Dutch passport and Ideal account. To play with us, you must provide us with information. This usually includes your age, location and phone number. We are a friendly social club and appreciate getting in touch with our members.

Another thing you should know about playing our bingo game with us is that we take security very seriously. That's why we have a separate section of our website dedicated to responsible gambling and player safety called SafePlay. For every problem, we have a convenient solution. We can help you set deposit limits, stop play or even stop time itself.

Find your favorite game with our latest tip. Every bingo game has a "how to play" section you can dive right into. Before you buy a ticket, read through the information to make sure. You can also ask for clarification from the Chat Moderator by asking in the Chat Room.

Tombola Chat Room

Although our Chat Rooms are friendly and welcoming, we ask everyone to observe a few guidelines to maintain the atmosphere. Our chat moderators enjoy interacting with every player in our chat rooms. To keep our chat rooms organized, we provide guidelines for holding raffles in our chat rooms. Our experts also show you how to maximize the effectiveness of your chat room experience.

How to access Tombola bingo chat rooms via chat?

By creating a new game, you can enter the chat room associated with that title. You do not have to interact with other users, but we recommend it if you are interested in staying involved. New players who enter our chat rooms will encounter our chat moderators. These individuals can answer all your questions and offer advice during their conversations.

Participating is best done by jumping into the conversation. Introduce yourself when you enter a room and actively engage in conversation. Players can discuss the best brand of chips in the Chat Room during running games. Alternatively, they can focus on observing the game in the Game Room.

Playing bingo safely online requires attention to several factors.

While playing bingo can be a fun activity, we also want players to stay safe. Lotteries are great opportunities to have fun and stay safe - and they're even better when you win! Avoid spending more than you can afford. That way, your spending won't feel excessive to you.

We have a wide range of tools for both games and gambling - we call them SafePlay. One example is Deposit Limit, which allows the player to set a deposit limit. Our SafePlay section contains information about playing safely with our tools, as well as our focus on keeping you safe while you play. This limit lock helps you stay within your budget by discouraging you from overspending.

Does Tomola have a Dutch app for Android or Apple?

Do you like playing bingo on your phone? Then download the free Tombola bingo app and play whenever you want. Chat and play bingo from your phone or tablet!

Install Android app or Apple app
Downloading our Android app is quick and easy! Just follow these simple steps and you'll be playing in no time. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team. We're here to help!

Go to settings on your Android smartphone and type "unknown app" in the search box. Then press "Install Unknown Apps" and let your internet browser install apps from unknown sources.Then click here to download the app. After downloading the app, click Install. Our app is 100% secure. You are now ready to play! Open the app and log in to play. have fun!

Tombola teams develop all online bingo games ourselves to give you a unique gaming experience. So download the app and experience bingo in a different way!

Arcade Games Tombola

In arcade arcades, players compete against each other in competitive games.
Swap games like you've never played them before with unique versions of classic games or original games. There are plenty of themes to choose from and players can chat in a friendly community. You can play from 5 cents to 2 euros - the highest prize allowed by the system.

The act of raffling is considered equivalent to playing an arcade game. For spinners, Arcade games offer a totally different spin game than any other kind. These games range from five cents to two euros; with prizes of up to a thousand euros available. Many Arcade games also offer additional prizes and options up to two euros. Our arcade games offer an extra layer of fun that cannot be found anywhere else. They contain unique gameplay that cannot be copied by anyone else.

What is a Tombola?

Tombola is the Italian name for a wicker basket used for lottery tickets in the Italian version of the game. Often the prizes are not monetary but physical prizes. Strictly speaking, a tombola is a lottery game in which a certain number of free or paid tickets are distributed to the public. Tickets are numbered, the lottery determines the winning numbers and holders are eligible for prizes. Prizes are usually donated prizes of modest value.

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