Lot of happiness

Lotof Happiness is among the newest lotteries within the Netherlands. Much like, for instance, the Postcode Loterij, Large amount of Happiness supports non profit organizations but requires a different approach. At Large amount of Happiness you're a supporter of the favorite charitable organization and you've got the opportunity to win great cash prizes and carefully selected presents.

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At Lot of Happiness you are able to presently be a supporter of KiKa making-a-Wish Nederland. Greater than 100,000 children within our country and lots of millions available cannot live happily. Large amount of Happiness does something relating to this by providing children, within the Netherlands and beyond, pleasure, health insurance and chance using their non profit organizations and supporters.

Non profit organizations

Using your participation you make sure that children obtain a fair chance, their care will get better and also be in a secure home situation. What purpose would you support?

We are able to only win the fight against childhood cancer together. You are able to be a KiKa supporter along with Large amount of Happiness. The very best fate for kids with cancer. Play along and:

  • Purchase research in the Princess of Máxima Center
  • Lead to more healing
  • Ensure less negative effects
  • And you've got the opportunity to win great prizes
  • create a wish netherlands

If your child can think that their wish comes true, she or he also believes that it'll improve. Using the fulfillment of the wish you allow a young child the force to obtain better. Participate and:

Why play Lot Happiness?

At Large amount of Happiness you support kids with your preferred charitable organization. Additionally you play simultaneously for excellent and special prizes. Here is a selection.

High possibility of winning and costs

The prize package at Large amount of Happiness grows with the amount of participants. Therefore the more and more people have fun with it, the greater prizes could be won. In this manner the risk of winning always continues to be the same, namely one in five. All prizes are guaranteed, aside from the primary prize. It's attracted all lottery figures.

prizes Lot of happiness

This is the way Large amount of Happiness works

A draw every second Monday from the month

Every second Monday from the month the notary draws the winning lottery figures in the regular draw. As a whole you will find therefore 12 regular draws each year. Additionally, you will find four quarterly draws, making as many as 16 draws each year.

Four quarterly withdrawals

  • 4th Monday of March
  • 4th Monday of June
  • 4th Monday of September
  • 4th Monday of December

Lottery tickets Lot of happiness

Your ticket number includes two letters and 6 figures. You will get your specific ticket number by email. Choose the amount of tickets you need to have fun with and which charitable organization you need to support. A ticket costs € 12.50 per draw, 1 / 2 of which (€ 6.25) goes straight to your selected charitable organization. You are able to only bet additional numbers instantly at Large amount of Happiness, individual tickets aren't available. You are able to cancel it anytime.

The Jackpot
You can see that the prize pool is not very big, but still nice. The Jackpot is definitely worth it! The Since it's not guaranteed, the chances of winning it aren't very high though. And just a calculation shows that if all the prizes can be won once, there are 9 prizes, excluding the first prize). This means that there would only be about 45 participants. The chances of winning are 1 in 5, 9 prizes so 45 tickets. The non-monetary prizes will (mostly) be sponsored, but even then it is not very big.

Lot of Happiness in the future
The fact that the Lot of Happiness lottery donates a lot to charity gains a lot of sympathy. Besides that, it supports to very appealing charities. So participating in this lottery because you want to get rich quick is not going to happen. It’s mainly a lottery that (once again) responds to people's moods: supporting a charity, and being able to win a prize with it. Because of the good starting point (donating to charity) the Lot of Happiness Lottery could grow in the near future. It might give away bigger prizes when it has more revenue as well. Remember: when it comes to the happiness of 'our' children, every euro is more than worth it, right? To do this, they will have to work on brand awareness and findability, because in Google, unfortunately, you don’t find this lottery very much when you look for it.

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