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A licence for the organisation of online sports betting in Holland and casino games was granted to TOTO Online on 29 September 2021. In TOTO sports, you can predict football matches, individual sports matches or other team sports matches. For each match, you can often bet on the winner, the loser or a draw. But there are many more betting options.

Betting in Holland on sport with TOTO not only makes all kinds of sporting events even more exciting to watch, it is also a wonderful opportunity to take a gamble by making a bet and have a chance of making a nice profit. At TOTO the online bookmaker starts at €0.10 and if you apply your sports knowledge cleverly you can probably win back a multiple of that.


How do I play with TOTO?

To play you first have to create a TOTO account via After signing up you can transfer money to your wallet and start playing straight away. Of course you can also play through one of the 2,500 sales outlets across the Netherlands.

Betting on sports with the TOTO app

You can also place your sportbets via the TOTO app. A great thing about the TOTO app is that you can place your bets on the go and, for instance, set up push notifications for your favourite teams or athletes. Find out more about the TOTO app.

Win probabilities and payouts Toto Holland

Of the total aggregate winnings from the sports betting activities described in these rules and the games of chance described in the Lotto, Lucky Day and Eurojackpot rules, a minimum of 47.5% is allocated to the payment of prizes, calculated over a calendar year.

The entry fee for TOTO-13 is € 1 per 2 chances. Depending on the number of games played, the TOTO-13 system's entry fee varies from a minimum of € 8 to a maximum of € 486. The entry fee for TOTO is € 1,-- to € 1,000,-- per chance. The TOTO-system fee varies according to the number of prizes and amounts to a maximum of € 1,000. In addition, a maximum of € 150,000 can be won per chance, regardless of the amount of the stake in combination with the applicable odds.

With TOTO, you can predict anything from individual sports matches to football leagues. You can also place various types of bets on these predictions, such as betting on the winner, loser or draw.

Toto is intended for sports games.

The Totot website lists the most important matches to watch on their home page. You can choose between individual sports and team sports. Each match indicated on the site allows users to predict the outcome.

Would you like to compile the match offer yourself?

Click on a sport or league to view.
The odds of a match are determined by the betting company. By multiplying your bet by these odds, you can determine possible winnings. Matches are displayed immediately once bets have been placed. For small bets, a deposit of €0.10 is required. Alternatively, larger bets can be made.

Toto sport encourages players to place bets by explaining how to do so in their guide.

To place an online bet, you need to do the following:

  • You need to create an account.
  • You place your selection
  • Place your bet by choosing an investment amount.
  • Deposits can be paid via iDeal.
  • You can play with an advance on your account; by making bets, the amount in your account is reduced with each bet.

Bookmakers often prevent people from placing certainties by offering different odds. This can be done by spreading bets over several bookmakers, or by offering a specific promotion.

Different types of sports bets

A value bet is a bet with a greater chance of winning than a standard bet.
Before the bookmakers' quotations are announced, some players place bets based on who they think will win. Others wait for the odds to be announced; they then use these odds to place their bets. Anyone who bets before seeing the odds is considered a 'bettor'. If a gisser's estimate is higher than the final odds, it is considered a value bet.

A system bet is an alternative bet that allows players to increase their chances of winning.
When betting on multiple matches, it is customary to make one system bet. This means that you have to make several predictions for each match you have selected; for example:

There are four different bets that players can place. They are related to the 'quadruple, double, triple and single' that appears above the inlay when they play. Players can choose to predict each game individually when placing these bets. You can choose to place six bets that predict all possible bets with two combinations. There are also four possible combinations of three bets and one combination of four bets.

TOTO sports betting on your mobile

Predicting the results at TOTO is also easy with an app. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can find the app in the Applestore. The Google PlayStore does not currently allow apps for gambling. You can therefore download the app for an Android device via the website. There is both a TOTO app and a TOTO shop app. If you want to bet on physical points, the second app is suitable. With the shop app you can easily view the TOTO programme digitally and fill in the schedule. Via a QR code you can enter your predictions in the shop.

betting tips TOTO

When betting on sport, you never know for sure what the result will be. However, you can still make your choices by looking up a lot of information about a club, player or athlete. TOTO Extra provides you with previews and betting tips that can help you make your bets. Think about previews of Formula 1 races or fights of the greatest boxers. What about the matches of the Dutch national team?

Closing your bets with TOTO

Now that you know how to make bets, you can start by finding your favourite clubs and players. Via the homepage you can easily create an account. Don't forget to take advantage of the TOTO Promotions And Bonus.

History of betting on sport with TOTO

The first page in the history of TOTO in the Netherlands was written in 1956. On the initiative of the KNVB football association, a pool was organised. Fans could predict the results of Dutch football and win great prizes. Over the years, this became increasingly popular. The Dutch government decided to establish De Nationale Sporttotalisator to steer sports betting in the right direction. This is the predecessor of the current Foundation Dutch Lottery.

What does the TOTO "rugdekking"cover campaign together with football club PSV?

Starting from the 2022-2023 season, PSV will team up with TOTO to launch the TOTO rugdekking. A programme to discuss the risks of gambling and continue the fun of playing TOTO.

With TOTO rugdekking, PSV and TOTO are creating a safe gaming environment for sports betting participants through various activities. For example, Rugdekking not only provides information, but also concrete tips and tools through knowledge sessions. The ultimate goal is to create awareness and help participants better assess when things are not going well for themselves or others - and intervene if necessary. TOTO provides participants with a safe gaming environment. In 2020, the KNVB and TOTO signed, among other things, a code of conduct to combat problematic gaming behaviour. Covering your back is the logical next step to continue enjoying football with your partners and making gambling risks discussable. 

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