Netherlands Gambling Authority

The Netherlands Gambling Authority, in Dutch the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) strives for a world in which gambling is reliable and providers are transparent. The player is protected. The game is fair and the odds are clear. There are no gambling addicts and no illegal practices.

The Dutch gambling authority is the regulator of the gambling market in the Netherlands. The Kansspelautoriteit, often abbreviated to Ksa, deals with both land-based games of chance and gambling on the Internet. In the Netherlands, the Gaming Authority issues licences to all providers of games of chance. 

Enforcement Gaming Authority

As supervisor of the gaming market, the Games of Chance Authority has administrative enforcement instruments at its disposal.

Binding instruction
The Board of Directors can issue a binding instruction to enforce compliance with the regulations.

Public warning
If the board of directors wishes to inform players quickly and effectively about potentially damaging games of chance, it can publish a public warning.

The order under penalty payment
In the event of a violation, the board of directors can impose an order subject to a penalty. In that case, a term will be given within which the violation must be ended.

Administrative fine
This is a fine that can be imposed without the intervention of the Public Prosecutor or a judge (article 35a of the Betting and Gaming Act). The maximum fine is €870,000 or - if higher - 10 percent of the annual turnover of the offender.

Play only with a licensed company

Want to gamble online but run as little risk as possible? First check the Kansspelwijzer. Find the name of the company, its website, app or licence number and see if we gave a licence.

You can recognise a licensed gambling game by the logo at the bottom of the website or app.


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