December 24, 2022 - 1:23 pm

Can you make a lot of money with Dutch scratch cards?

Buying scratch cards costs money; can they also get rich by investing in lottery tickets? What are some of the other ways to get rich? People invest in lottery tickets every December for the December draw.

Licences are required to sell lottery tickets. Different shops may sell scratch tickets with similar images. Buying lottery tickets at a specific location requires proper paperwork, which most locations have. Some supermarkets sell tombola tickets at their service counters. Bruna, Primera, The Read Shop and Albert Heijn often have this service. Several other shops also sell tombola tickets, such as magazine shops. You can even find these at Kruidvat and First.

You can buy lottery tickets online. Some packs of Dutch lottery tickets can be bought on the website. After purchase, these tickets can be scratched at home or given as gifts.

What are the chances of winning?

A worker shows no knowledge about the chances of winning the top prize. Nor does she know how much money the grand prize is worth. One idea put forward by the ad is that a child can make his or her mother rich, but no definite answer is found. Five euros is the minimum prize in this game; its name is Surprise and Scratch. The Dutch Lottery states that the chance of winning the top prize, which will give you 20,000 euros, is one in fifty thousand draws. However, editors lose five euros when collecting fifteen euros for the top prize.

The back of a Surprise & Scratch box states the odds of winning, but not the chance of winning. This information is required by law when selling Lotto as a licensee. Lotteries must be transparent about their odds of winning and disclose this on their site.

It is illegal to sell scratch cards other than Lotto cards.
The Dutch government grants Lotto the exclusive right to sell scratch cards. This is because 75% of the profits from these cards go to fund the country's most popular sports. Without these funds, those sports would have a big financial problem. Judge Westhoff announced the news a few weeks ago. The judge ruled that Lotto may retain its position as a scratch ticket seller for another five years. Moreover, Lotto has been allowed to market more scratch lotteries since a year - because it is so popular.

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