November 30, 2017 - 11:01 am

Constitutional Belgium court forbids gambling and sports betting on the same website

Some online casinos focus on sports betting and casino games at the same time. It’s great fun for the visitors, but against the law. According to the constitutional court in Belgium gambling and sports betting together isn’t allowed in the physical world, so why should it be online? The court’s decision has serious ramifications for the online gambling world.

Gambling and sports betting Belgium

Currently, the rules around gambling and sports betting are different. Most online casinos are allowed to combine both practices together when they have a permit from the Belgian Gaming Commission. The websites and are good examples of that. They both have a permit. At these kind of places visitors can enjoy a game of Roulette and place a bet on an equestrian competition or football match at the same time. In the online world, football is the most popular sports to place a bet on. However, this might change because of the decision made by the constitutional court in Belgium. Violation of equality The court says that a ban on sports betting and casino games together will protect the casino players. Nowadays they’re required to shift between several casino games and bets at the same times. According to the court, this is a violation of the principle of equality in the constitution. It is not sure if E-lotto and Unibet will quit sports betting and casino games immediately. At this moment the combination between several kinds of games still exists. Council of State It will probably take a while before the new law is implemented, if it happens at all. At this moment the gaming commission is studying the ruling of the court. The Council of State is busy with it as well. An owner of a gambling site started a procedure at the Council of State because he demands that the permits of his competitors to be revoked. The Council needs uses the advice of experts to make a decision in this case.
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