January 1, 2023 - 4:07 pm

Heemskerk 1961 GB the winner of the PostcodeKanjer 1 January 2023

You are playing for your share of the PostcodeKanjer of €58.9 MILLION. Postcode Kanjer of 59 million euros won in Heemskerk. Half of the PostcodeKanjer will be distributed among all participants with the winning postcode. The other half will be distributed to all other participants in the winning district (with the 4 digits of the winning postcode).

Winning number draw 1 january 2023

The winning postcode for the €58.9 million Postcode Kanjer has been announced. And more postcodes than millions of prizes won.

01-01-2023 15:55 WOERDEN 3446JD
01-01-2023 16:00 HAAKSBERGEN 7482LH
01-01-2023 16:05 MIDDENBEEMSTER 1462XR
01-01-2023 16:10 NIEUWEGEIN 3438GJ
01-01-2023 16:15 OPHEMERT 4061BG
01-01-2023 16:20 ALMERE 1317KG
01-01-2023 16:25 HAARLEM 2014JP
01-01-2023 16:30 'S-GRAVENHAGE 2553VM
01-01-2023 16:35 LEEUWARDEN 8925JJ
01-01-2023 16:40 SLUIS 4524GB
01-01-2023 16:45 WEERT 6003NG
01-01-2023 16:50 AMSTERDAM 1016XP
01-01-2023 16:55 ROTTERDAM 3042LX
01-01-2023 17:00 OOSTERHOUT GLD 6678BE
01-01-2023 17:05 MAASTRICHT 6215AG
01-01-2023 17:10 SITTARD 6136VP
01-01-2023 17:15 HEERLEN 6418PP
01-01-2023 17:20 ZWOLLE 8032GP
01-01-2023 17:25 ROLDE 9451DC
01-01-2023 17:30 GAANDEREN 7011EN
01-01-2023 17:35 HEERENVEEN 8442GB
01-01-2023 17:40 SPRUNDEL 4714BA
01-01-2023 17:45 HOOGE MIERDE 5095AZ
01-01-2023 17:50 HILVERSUM 1218CX
01-01-2023 17:55 EINDHOVEN 5616SV

Besides postcode Kanjer, the National Postcode Lottery has announced 25 winning postcodes to share a tonne. Another 60 postcodes have a chance to win that amount this week. 

The postcode winner of €58.9 million goes to Kerklaan in Heemskerk. Half of this amount goes to the winning postcode 1961GB and the other half to area code 1961. The top prize of the national postcode lottery tonight went to the municipality of Heimskerke in the province of North Holland. Each participating resident with the correct postcode shared almost €59 million. Participation in the €58.9 million PostcodeWant can be done via this website until 1 January 2am. This action has now ended. Keep an eye on our results page for winning postcodes.

More prizes and gifts for 2023 than ever before!
If you enter the Postcode Lottery now, you will have the chance to win more prizes and gifts in 2023 than ever before. Total value: 425.9 million euros! You play the first month for free and receive a HEMA Gift Card worth €15 as a gift. In addition, you will immediately see if you have won €100,000.

Across the Netherlands, an average of nearly 3 million people participated in the national Postcode Lottery. This year's total prize pool is estimated at nearly 426 million euros.

Postcode Kanjer of 59 million euros won in Heemskerk.

The National Postcode Lottery's jackpot has won in the North Holland municipality of Heemskerk tonight. Residents who own the correct postcode and play along can all share almost 59 million euros. Ambassadors Caroline Tensen and Quincy Trustfull just announced the exact location on the TV programme RTL Boulevard. The winning postcode of the first Postcode Kanjer of 2023 is in the heart of Heemskerk.

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