July 24, 2023 - 4:27 pm

Lottery collection formerly lottery loss ceases to exist and cease suit against state lottery

Where others had failed, Lottery Incasso would succeed in winning the lawsuit against the state lottery. But after only three years, Lottery Collection Foundation is pulling the plug.

Loterij Incasso was there because there were claimants on the list of participants who were also already demanding financial redress through other claim clubs. One of those clubs is Ferdy R.'s Loterijverlies, which has to serve two years in prison. Loterijverlies was the first to go after the State Lottery. Initially successful, until it turned out that R. had withheld millions of deposited funds.

About Loterij Incasso

Lottery Incasso was opened by Mr. Hans van Manen, who also filed damage claims for these customers. Hans van Manen became a member of the foundation in 2016 and succeeded in being rewarded by another member for the Rechtbank Alkmaar being awarded the commission of the Stichting Loterijverlies, which committed a serious abuse of power .

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