December 19, 2021 - 12:59 pm

Primera in Breda sells scratch card with top prize of 25,000 euros

The buyer of the winning scratch card at Primera Haagdijk in Breda has won the first prize of 25.000 euros. The winning ticket was a Klavertje 4 scratch card and no gaming tax had to be paid on it. The prizes of the scratch cards are always net, the tax has already been paid by the publisher. The winner would like to remain anonymous.

What is the "klavertje vier" scratch card?

The 4-leaf clover scratch card is the most popular scratch card. In this game, the player first scratches open the lucky clover and then the clovers. When one of the clovers is equal to the lucky clover, the player wins the prize under the equal symbol. This Scratchcard costs 1 Euro, which means that with 1 Euro the winner has won the top prize of 25.000 Euros.

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