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What makes Bitcoin SV a unique cryptocurrency for gambling?

In the last decade the rise of cryptocurrencies was definitely interesting to watch. It made many people rich, which might inspire you to make an investment as well. On most gambling sites that have cryptocurrencies you can choose between several deposit and withdrawal options. Each of them have their own pros and cons, like lower fees and faster withdrawals. Some coins are also more reliable than others. In this article we will take a look at BSV. Why is it better than other coins?

What are the advantages of BSV?

A couple of years ago most online casinos only had traditional options to gamble. Things have changed for the better though, because more and more gambling sites offer digital currencies. One of these currencies is bitcoin, etehereum and Bitcoin SV (BSV). It’s a good idea to take a look at this coin, because it has several advantages:

  • It has the lowest fees
  • It’s very fast
  • It’s very safe

Low fees

During the creation of BSV, developers of this coin wanted to make micropayments possible. This means that every user could buy something for less than a dollar without high fees. Thanks to micropayments a deposit or withdrawal only costs a few pennies. This is a big difference with other digital currencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Users often have to pay high fees, especially when they want a quick transaction. The networks of BTC and Ethereum are frequently congested, which is a problem as well.

Fast transactions

One of the reasons to develop Bitcoin SV was to offer quick transactions. Deposits and withdrawals can reach a gambling site in seconds. With other payment options it can take hours or even days. So it’s not a weird thought that one day Bitcoin might replace other payment options. Bitcoin SV follows the principle of speed as well.

A transaction in seconds

Bitcoin SV is able to handle many transactions in seconds. This is possible because of lager block sizes. It has unlimited scaling blocks, and that’s a big advantage of this coin. Thanks to unlimited block sizes traffic on the network does not occur. Other coins don’t have this advantage, which means that just a big of traffic can already cause a delay.

No queue Bitcoin SV

Imagine that it takes hours to get your transaction into the next block. Your digital money is in a queue and because of that you cannot play the game you wanted to bet on. Luckily, this doesn’t happen with Bitcoin SV.

Safe deposits and withdrawals

It’s very important that deposits and withdrawals can be done in a safe digital environment. With Bitcoin SV, your digital money is always safe. Like Bitcoin, it follows the laws of the country. Besides that, the Bitcoin blockchain is always traceable.

Massive block sizes

Satoshi Nakamoto is the anonymous developer of Bitcoin. More than ten years ago, he dreamed of a massively scaling public blockchain. Transactions had to be fast, cheap and safe. Bitcoin SV has achieved this. Thanks to its massive block sizes, it’s faster than any other payment method. The blocks of BSV allow more transactions per block because they are simply not limited in size. So your transaction never ends up in a queue. A stark difference with transactions of many other coins, where a miner has to include it in his or her block.

No congestion on the network

Congestion on the network is quite a problem in the crypto industry. It can lead to very high fees, as is the case with Ethereum. Bitcoin also has to deal with this problem because of its limited blocksizes. High fees are necessary so that a miner can process your transaction faster than someone else. BSV doesn’t have these small blocks. As a result there is no congestion and your transaction will be processed as fast as possible, with very low fees.

Regulations and laws

Also interesting to know is that all businesses and BSV wallets use Anti-Money Lending principles and Know Your Customer (KYC). This means that gambling businesses follow the same regulations and laws of banks. So you can make a transaction without having to worry about your money.

Safe, reliable and up-to-date

BSV follows the law. All Bitcoin SV business have subscribed to regulations, so that criminals won’t stand a chance. As a result, Bitcoin development communities have emerged and they’re all committed to a stable protocol. They’re up-to-date and reliable, so it’s safe to say that investing in BSV is a good idea!


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