Organising your own game of chance

Do you want to organise something where money or prizes can be won? And the player cannot influence whether he wins something? That is a game of chance. You need a licence for gambling. Except if you play with people who know each other. Or if participation is free, but then there are conditions.

Organising football pools for money

An association, company or family can organise a football pool or tourney pool (as long as the pool remains within a closed circle of people who know each other). These types of gambling games are prohibited: poker tournaments where money is involved, online lotteries with stakes and pyramid schemes. A company can have several branches, and as long as the pool is for employees only, it is still allowed. A public bet with which you make money must have a licence and there are very strict conditions for this.

Organising your own lottery

If your lottery has a general interest (sport and welfare, culture, education and science, nature and environment, care, development cooperation, animal welfare), you can get a licence. A personal or commercial lottery is not allowed. Instead, you can organise a one-off lottery to raise money. If you want to hold a bingo or a wheel of fortune in a hall, you have to inform your municipality about the event and follow the rules. This is a one-off lottery and the rules are listed below.

Own bingo for money

Do you want to promote something by offering a free game of chance (such as Wheel of Fortune)? No licence is required for promotional games of chance, but there are rules that must be complied with. Check which rules these games of chance are not allowed to follow.

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