January 8, 2023 - 10:23 am

Winter Slots Tournament from 2 to 29 January at Betcity

BetCity is hosting a Winter Slots Tournament from 2 to 29 January: 8 games with a prize pool of €36,000 and the top 200 players in each game will receive tickets for a draw of €64,000 in prize money. So we donated a total of €100,000 in January, including a top prize of €25,000! There are 2 games per week: one from Monday to Thursday and one from Friday to Sunday. Check out this week's participating providers and games on this page.

How do you get involved?

Play the selected game. You will find the games on this page, but you can also find them in the casino thanks to the tag "tournaments".

How to win the Winter Slots at Betcity?

It's very simple: the ranking is based on the win bet ratio: your winnings (wins minus bets) divided by the number of rounds played. For example, if you played 50 spins worth €50 and won €200 of them, your win ratio is (€200-€50)/50=3. The higher your position in the ranking, the higher your bonus. If you finish in the top 200 of the tournament, you win cash prizes and a ticket to the Winter Slots competition with a jackpot of up to €25,000!

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