May 6, 2023 - 1:08 pm

Lisa Veldhuis wins Dutch gambling authority thesis award 2022

Psychology student Lisa Veldhuis will receive the Bachelor of Ksa Dissertation Award in 2022. Today, she received a prize of 1,500 euros from René Jansen, chairman of the Board of the Gambling Authority. She received the award for her dissertation on the application of EMDR to regulate gambling behaviour.

The compliments for this fine essay with an original topic. An interesting approach and knowledge that we might apply in the future said the authority

The study focused on using eye stimuli to improve perception of gambling warning texts. The impact of EMI ("Eye Movement Integration") on the effectiveness of persuasive messages in the online gambling domain has not been studied before.

Summary of research to improve perception of gambling warning texts

The current study investigates whether the use of induced eye movements (EMi) during processing persuasive information about online gambling behaviour efficiencypersuasive message can increase. The use of EMi can reduce reduction in working memory capacity and self-regulatory processes in working memory
prevent. This leaves less room for defensive and voluntary development there may be higher intention to regulate online gambling behaviour. This was easy to predict the use of EMi produces the desired effects only if people respond defensively to it persuasive message. The dependent variable in the study is the change in intention to regulate online gambling behaviour.

Anticipating individual differences in defensiveness is the propensity for cognitive self-affirmation (CSAI) and age is accounted for moderators, both of which were identified during the first measurement. An online experiment was conducted among online players (N = 39) from the general population. Participants were asked to listen to a persuasive text about the negative consequences of internet use gambling.

In this case, half of the participants were randomly selected based on their condition at the same time had to look at a regularly moving visual stimulus. Results failed to meet expectations: the influence of EMI on gambling intentions were not moderated by CSAI and age. Results may follow due to small sample size associated with low statistical power current research. Further research should be done to determine the effect of EMi on To further investigate conclusive information on online gambling

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