October 12, 2023 - 3:27 pm

Visitor numbers rise but Holland Casino sales fall sharply

Holland Casino notes an increase in visitor numbers. In the first half of this year, Holland Casino counted about 2.5 million visitors, while in 2022 it will be about 1.8 million. However, the company was still subject to coronavirus restrictions until 25 February. Over the past six months, the average amount guests spend per visit has fallen slightly: €138. In 2022, this amount will still be € 148. However, average spending is still higher than pre-coronavirus levels, when it was around €117.

Advertising in Holland

Holland Casino Online's turnover fell by a third (from € 82.7 to € 57.2 million) due to increased competition and social opportunities. For instance, in anticipation of laws and regulations, Dutch casinos voluntarily stopped all forms of advertising and also became cautious at several major sporting events. The company expects a slight recovery in its online business in the coming period, as advertising rules have been harmonised across the industry.

high costs

Holland Casino's performance was heavily affected by a sharp rise in costs. Like other companies, Holland Casino is facing high energy prices and high inflation. In addition, personnel costs also rose considerably. Holland Casino experiences the latter as positive. We have welcomed many new colleagues whom we also badly need.

Also, tax debts arising from the corona pandemic have to be repaid and investments have to be postponed, which puts extra pressure on the company's liquidity.

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