SLICKS centre of expertise on gaming & gambling issues

National Gambling Players Information Centre Foundation (SLICKS), represents the collective interests of all Dutch gamblers and is committed to reducing gambling problems. Besides representing interests, SLICKS is also a knowledge centre and counsellor for people with gambling problems and their loved ones.

What is Slicks' goal?

SLICKS aims to be a centre of expertise on gaming and gambling issues with the ultimate goal: no more need for help with gambling. Together, we create, deliver and work on innovative solutions based on experience and science.

National Gambling Players Information Centre Foundation has gone to great lengths to provide practical alternatives to failed gambling addiction prevention policies by all stakeholders. The gambling industry has a huge impact on our society, be it political or sports. Gamblers who wish things were different or have problems have little say in the dispute.

That is why SLICKS represents the collective interests of Dutch gamblers. Find the right solution based on equality and cooperation. In this way, we want to ensure that the scope of gambling stays within the limits of individual budgets. How well that goes in the consultations and how we can assess it from practice. After that, it is important to come out of it together.

Mission National Gambling Players Information Centre Foundation 

Gaming industry tools are transparently and independently verified by independent experienced expert organisations like Slicks.
Increase resilience and awareness of risk and problem actors
Reduce social stress and suffering caused by problem gambling.
Gambling addiction is best prevented with an integrated approach to gambling problems.

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