Sportbetting sites Netherlands

What are the best sports betting websites in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, betting on sports and especially on football is very popular. It is for this reason that many casinos offer sports betting in their games. The casinos below all have a Dutch gambling license for sports betting.

Those who want to bet on sports at a bookmaker, have many different sports to choose from. Will it be football, tennis, darts or Formula 1 which you want to bet on? Sport betting offers a range of bets on which one can place a prediction. In addition, gambling on sports makes the experience of sports even more intense and exciting and can bring a lot of money!

Which bookmakers are legal in the Netherlands?

Sports gambling is becoming increasingly popular. Check out our trusted partners below

Bet365 sportbetting >

Bet365 Netherlands is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. The offer in gambling on sports is gigantic. Open an account for free and check out the offer. New players receive a cash bonus.

BetCity sports >

Betcity is a typical Dutch online casino and focuses mainly on football. It is therefore that they have Any van der Meyden as a promoter. And they sponsor several football clubs like Vitesse and FC Volendam.

How does betting on sport or matches work?

Sports betting, in short, is the act of predicting the outcome of a sport by placing a wager. This can be done on many sports, leagues and matches. In an online casino you can play with betting options on dozens of sports and hundreds of disciplines. You bet in advance on a result. You can always choose between a winner or a draw, but often there are dozens of other betting options for a match, duel or race.

The amount you wager can be won many times over. Exactly how much depends on the odds. This is the factor by which you can win back the money you have wagered. Example of betting on a football match.

You think Barcelona will win against Valencia.
The odds for Barcelona to win are 2.10.
If you bet 1 euro and your prediction comes true, €2.10 will be credited to your account! Will Valencia win or draw? Then your €1 bet is lost.

Increased Quotations for new players

One form of a sports betting welcome bonus is that you can bet on increased odds. The amount of the betting odds will influence your long-term winnings. Thus, we introduce you to increased sports betting odds, both as a welcome bonus offer and as an offer for existing customers.

Popular sports betting Netherlands 2022

Betting on football attracts the most sports fans in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is, of course, a football country par excellence, but other popular sports also offer many betting opportunities:

  • Betting On Tennis
  • Betting On Darts
  • Betting On Wheel Racing
  • Betting On Formula 1
  • Betting on Martial Arts

Where can I gamble on football in the Netherlands?

The choice of best bookmakers Netherlands for football betting is huge. Betcity was the first bookmaker to go live after obtaining the licence and is also the Dutch bookmaker that has impressed the most. The size of the offer and the level of the odds are excellent.

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