Test for gambling addiction

Aren't you taking too much risk? How do I know if I have a gambling addiction? Or are you exhibiting other risky behaviour? If you're wondering what kind of gamer you are, take our anonymous self-test. Based on 9 questions, we will tell you more about your gaming behaviour. You can take the exam as many times as you like.

Get involved in gambling, like constantly planning gambling activities, how to get more gambling money. It takes more and more money to get the same treatment. Attempts to control, reduce or stop gambling without success. This gambling test will help you determine if you have a gambling addiction or problem. Take this free online gambling test now.

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Questions anonymous self-test gambling addiction

  • Have you ever lost more money than you could afford?
  • Do you feel the need to play with higher and higher amounts to feel the same thrill?
  • Have you ever tried to win back your losses the next day?
  • Have you ever borrowed money or sold something in order to play?
  • Do you ever think you have a problem with gambling yourself?
  • Have people ever made critical comments about your playing behaviour?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about your playing behaviour, or what it does to you?
  • Do you ever experience stress or anxiety because of your playing behaviour?
  • Has playing ever caused money problems for you or your family?

What to do if my risk is high which comes out of the gambling test?

You may be experiencing problems with gaming behaviour. So now is the time to act. Take back control of your game. Consider whether your behaviour is not an excuse for other concerns or problems in your life.

If you play online, your account may be suspended - possibly temporarily - by our customer service team.

Discuss your gaming behaviour with someone and seek professional help, for example Hervitas, available weekdays until 10pm on 06 53182965. They specialise in gaming and problem gambling and can tell you exactly what your options are. The good news is that no matter how big your problems seem at the moment, there are always solutions.

For advice or help, you can also contact HANDS' professional counsellors anonymously via email, phone (0800 - 3701503) or chat.

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