Unique Dutch no deposit bonuses

Would you like to try out/ gamble in a casino first before you deposit. This is possible! We have compiled various casino  promotions in 2019 for you where you receive free play money (no deposit) upon new registration. If you like the casino then you can deposit money. Receive or receive free play credits or free spins at one of the Dutch casinos below.

New no deposit casino’s 2020 (Netherlands)

Dutch CasinoWelcome offerWebsite
100% + 70 spins
€/$ 300 + 150 FREE SPINS
100% + 25 spins
50 spins no deposit
Bonuscode: 100 FS

Free play money because of the welcome bonus

Casino players usually receive a bonus after a deposit. It’s not always the same one though. A welcome bonus is often given to new players, but a cashback bonus or a reload bonus is a possibility. It means that you actually get free play money. Of course it would be extra great when you win money with it! Perhaps you’re quite new to the casino world. Hopefully you’ve received the so-called welcome bonuses after your registration in the online casino. Online casinos like to give new players free money to play with to make a good start. This can be money, but free spins or a combination of both. Online casinos do not only offer a welcome bonus to make you feel welcome. It’s also a way to attract new players. So the casinos actually invest a lot of money to provide welcome bonuses. A welcome bonus is usually a one time offer for new players. The first deposit is usually increased with a certain percentage, most of the time between 50 or 200 percent of your deposit.

Nowadays billions of euros are made in the online gambling industry. In a few decades it has earned its place besides the land-based industry. Every online casino has own its own characteristics. Some of them offer great promotions. This place wants to offer you the ultimate online gambling experience. What makes this online casino different than others?

Maximum amount of no bonus money

There is no maximum amount of bonus money. It can be 10 euros, but easily 500 euros as well. Always check the terms and conditions of the casino bonus before you receive it. By doing so, you know what to expect. The maximum bonus of Slot Planet Casino is higher than in any other place, namely 555 euros. It means that you receive another 555 euros after your first deposit. Speaking about being generous! Some people confuse the welcome bonus with the deposit bonus. The difference is that the welcome bonus is only meant for new players, and the deposit is not. The money you receive after a deposit bonus is based on a certain percentage. Every player can enjoy this promotion. Just keep an eye on the casino, so that you won’t be too late to participate in a promotion.

The popularity of the cashback bonus explained

The cashback bonus is very popular among online casino players. As you might guess, ‘cashback’ means money is given back. Everyone likes this, obviously! The cashback bonus can be seen as a kind of ‘insurance’ in the gambling world. It means that at most online casinos a certain percentage of your lost money is given back to you. This only accounts for a certain period of time though. Online casinos all have their own rules regarding to the cashback bonus. For example, at some places you need to make a deposit in a certain period of time. It could also be that the cashback bonus is only valid on a certain day. So make sure that you always check the newsletter of the online casino. Perhaps it announces some great promotions in the upcoming week, such as the cashback bonus. Interestingly enough, there are also some casinos that offer a continuous cashback bonus. At these places a certain percentage of your money loss is given back and added to your account. It almost seems too good to be true! You should be aware of the terms and conditions of online casinos though. It prevents unpleasant surprises at the end. For example, at some places it’s required to use your own money first before you can benefit from the bonus money.

Benefit from the reload bonus
Online casinos compete with each other to attract as much players as possible. This is why they offer all kinds of bonuses. Of course you’re the one who benefits from it! Try the reload bonus for once. It means that if someone has used a welcome bonus after a deposit, he or she receives another bonus percentage. The exact percentages and the number of reload bonuses depends on the casino you visit. Usually the percentages decrease after time. For example, the second deposit is 75 percent, while the third one is 50 percent, the fourth one 25 percent and so on.

The benefits of being a loyal player
Some people think that it’s smart to make an account on several online casinos, so that they receive a welcome bonus multiple times. It might benefit you for a while, but at the end it’s much greater to become a loyal player of just one casino. You don’t have to switch all the time. This will become annoying eventually. What’s more, casinos love to reward you when you come back often. They do this by making you a so-called VIP player. You become part of a loyalty program in which you can earn VIP points. How more money you spend in the casino, how more VIP points are given. You can exchange the VIP points for money or other bonuses. So VIP points can be worth a lot of money. It definitely makes it worth it to become a loyal player!

Terms and conditions for the welcome bonus

There are some terms and conditions regarding the welcome bonus though. For example, you need to make a minimum deposit of 10 euros. Besides that, the maximum bet for the welcome bonus is 5 euros. If you make a higher bet, the casino has the right to confiscate your winnings. So you should be careful with this. The welcome bonus only applies to new players. You cannot use it after three deposits. There’s a wagering requirement as well. You need to wager the total of bonus money, deposit and free spins at least 35 times before a withdrawal of your funds is possible. Remember that the wagering requirement isn’t the same for every game. You should read the terms and conditions for a certain casino game specifically. A deposit via Netellier or Skrill isn’t eligible for the welcome bonus. Use the bonuses on time. They expire after one month (30 days).

Difference between deposit bonus and no deposit bonus

Perhaps you’re currently looking for online casinos in the Netherlands. A good idea, since the government is planning to make them legal. Always pay attention to nice promotions when you’re looking for a good place. Think about great bonuses and free spins, for example. Bonuses vary from welcome bonuses to no deposit bonuses. Main reason to have such promotions is to attract new players. It’s also a way to keep the experienced players in the online casino. Most players love the first deposit bonus and no deposit bonus, but some find it difficult to name the difference between them. A player who likes to benefit from the first deposit bonus needs to spend real money, whereas this is not the case for a no deposit bonus. You only receive the first deposit bonus after you’ve made a deposit in your online casino account. The no deposit bonus is even better, since you receive it for simply signing up. You don’t have to do anything for it! Perhaps you even win money while spending the no deposit bonus in a casino game. It feels good that you don’t have any risk to lose money.

Why free spins are so great

Free spins are one of the best bonuses you can get. Almost every excellent online casino offers this promotion. The great thing about free spins is that you get them for free. So you’re not required to make a deposit to enjoy them. At some online casino you can even keep all your winnings after playing with free spins. You should always read the bonus terms and conditions of an online casino though. At some places the free spins only apply to certain online slots of casino games. No one wants to hear that the spins don’t count! So take a few minutes to read the rules to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Winning money without an investment
Winning money without an investment: it’s truly possible with free spins. Perhaps you’re asking yourself why online casino give away stuff for free. Their main reason is more confident players who might spend money after gaining experience. Playing casino games with free spins is a good way to practice. You don’t have to put your real money at the table, and can still enjoy the casino games. There even has been a study to the effects of free spins. They show that players who have free spins, eventually continue to play after the free spins are gone. So online casinos will benefit from their generosity in the end.