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Pay N Play casino is very beneficial for you! Casino players are very demanding nowadays. They want a great gaming experience, right now. Casino games must be as fast as possible and easy to play.

If you want this too, gambling in a Pay N Play casino is a good idea. These casinos want to give players the best experience ever. To make this reality, they’ve eliminated the need to register an account in order to deposit funds.

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Attractive bonuses are no longer enough. The gambling industry is very competitive. There are many online casinos and they compete in different areas, such as best casino games, the best casino bonuses, the best promotional materials and campaigns or brand ambassadors. However, in the past few years the rules have changed. An attractive welcome bonus is no longer enough for players and new casino games is not the only thing that keeps gamblers interested.

What is Pay N Play?

Casino operators have put an enormous amount of time and money into the design of their websites. They’re also working hard to offer as many casino games as possible. Besides that, casino operators want to attract players on their website with attractive casino bonuses.

Obstacles when making a deposit
Be aware of the fact that because of regulations players are required to send scans of their identity card in order to verify themselves. This can be a huge obstacle and it doesn’t guarantee that a player will make a deposit. There’s another obstacle when the payout comes: slow payouts. This can be very frustrating for players and make the overall experience of playing at an online casino less pleasant.

Pay N Play offers a solution

Trustly is a Swedish payment service that has introduced a new product to the market. They have developed Pay N Play. It offers a great gambling experience for players and allows all money transactions to go through your own bank at the same time. Obviously, this takes place with high quality and secure banking systems. Do you like to play at a Pay N Play casino? Then the only thing you have to do is to make a deposit with your own trusted bank.

Instant deposits and withdrawals
Deposits and withdrawals with Pay N Play are instant. This means that you don't have to endure a long registration process before you can play with real money. You also no longer need to verify your account when you make a withdrawal. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, be aware of the fact that if you’ve reached a certain amount, usually 2000 euros, your account must be verified.

How does Pay N Play work?

• Pay N Play works in a simple way. Just follow these steps and enjoy it within minutes.
• Go to a Pay N Play casino and click on the ‘Play Now’ button.
• Select your own bank.
• Log into your bank account and verify yourself.
• You are now registered and you can start playing.
• Are you ready to pay out a win? Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button.
• Fill in the amount of money you like withdraw.
• You will receive your money within 5 minutes.

Full KYC requirements
Pay N Play is an interesting combination of three of Trustly's existing products. It’s very accessible for everyone. After you make a deposit, Trustly sends the necessary information to the bank owner's account with full KYC requirements. It also ensures that the data automatically reaches the operator because it registrates your player account behind the scenes.

Which problem does Pay N Play solve?
The most modern methods of making deposits to an online casino account require a number of actions. Players can use credit cards, but some people have difficulty with that. Others use e-Wallets, but there are extra steps involved compared to making money transactions with other methods on the internet.

No extra steeps needed
One of the problems Pay N Play solves is that it puts you as a player in a position where you can deposit money without all the extra steps. This is made even easier by the registration process that has disappeared. So we can conclude that it has nothing but advantages.

Beneficial for casino operators as well
And there’s more good news: it also benefits the casino operators themselves. An extensive research by Trustly has shown that the way to deposit money directly is very popular among players. In fact, it’s so popular that most casinos have praised it in a great way. What’s more: it may well have set a new standard for the future of what deposits at online casinos will look like.

Trustly is always free to use for players, which is good news. Usually other payment methods often charge extra in case you want a faster payout. Not in a Pay N Play casino. Forget the charges and pay out quickly!

Perhaps you know think that you don’t need to register at a casino with Pay N Play. This is not true, because a player account is actually created. However, there’s no need for interaction with a player, so the registration process costs less time.

Compliant with security registrations
Operators can verify the identity and age of the player to make sure he or she is legally permissible to enter the online casino. Not only does Pay N Play make it easier to register and deposit funds, but it also ensures the operator that they remain compliant with increased strict security regulations.



Withdrawal with one single click
Have you won some money in an online casino? Congratulations! Thanks to Pay N Play you can withdraw your prize money with a single click. The money is transferred directly to your bank, so you can start spending or saving almost immediately!

What are the advantages of Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is popular for a reason. Try it yourself and enjoy the following advantages:
• Registration is very easy.
• No need to fill out long registration forms, just start enjoying casino games almost immediately.
• The registration process is streamlined perfectly, and as a result you can participate in the action immediately. Simply said: the overall procedure is made invisible.
• Faster payouts.

Faster payouts
With advanced technology in different areas of life, players expect everything to be simplified. From streaming your favorite TV shows to ordering a taxi via an application on your phone. Pay N Play is no exception to this. When you want to make a payout, your prize money is transferred to your bank account within minutes. It can’t get any better!

What are the two Pay N Play models?
At Pay N Play there are two models. First of all, there’s the Pure model of Trustly where players are faced with the so-called ‘Resuming Play’ feature. It allows you to return to the casino site later and log in with a simple deposit. Second, there’s the Hybrid model. With this option Trustly ensures that other payment services are made available as well. However, players still experience the drawback of creating a username and password with this model. Unfortunately enough, you can't save time with the Hybrid Model like you can with the Pure model. Of course, it’s up to you which model you choose. We wish you a lot of fun in a Pay N Play casino!

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