What is the best roulette strategy?

Win big with this interesting Roulette strategy. Almost every roulette player dreams of winning big someday. Of course this doesn’t come naturally. You need to have a good strategy to win a Roulette game. However, these strategies can differ because there are three Roulette games in total. What is actually the best strategy for each Roulette game and how can you optimize them?

Perfectionize your Roulette strategy

It’s very exciting to sit at the Roulette table. Don’t let other people be a distraction if you use a strategy. Instead you need to think and focus. This isn’t quite easy in a traditional casino. It’s place with a lot of people and laughter. Luckily, online casinos are a very good alternative. It’s definitely great to play Roulette behind your computer. It makes it possible to perfectionize your strategy without any distractions. First step: Buy a stack of chips You might think that making a perfect strategy is a difficult and time-consuming task. Well, it’s not that complicated actually. You just need to follow certain steps to be an effective Roulette player. They will definitely improve your chance of winning this amazing game. First you need to visit an online casino and buy a stack of chips. 20 or 30 dollars for a buy-in, which is about 27 and 37 euros, is perfectly fine. To have a good game you need to spread and try to cover many numbers. So make 5 stacks of 4 chips subsequently. A practical example makes it probably more clear. Try to imagine that you’re covering 5 of the 6 possible winning lines. A win will lead to 20 chips, 24 in total with the winning bet included. Second step: Divide the stacks Many successful Roulette players choose European Roulette and outside bets above American Roulette and inside bets. They do this because it improves their chance of winning. European Roulette only uses the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero slot, whereas American Roulette also uses a double-zero slot that decreases the chance of winning. Anyway, it’s already clear that chips play an essential role to be a successful player. Now need to make 2 stacks of 24 chips. So in total you have 12 chips each. Then put one of the stacks in the dozens, and the other one as well. It means that you have 2/3 of the dozens covered. This is important, because the roulette ball has to land in one of the dozens. In that case you’ll win 2-1 on your bet. Good luck with that! Together with the winning bet you now have 36 chips in total. Third step: spread as much as possible You’re definitely in a winning strike now, because it’s a good sign there are already 36 chips on the table. Again it’s important to spread as much as possible. Divide your chips into 6 stacks of 6 chips, because all the corner bets need to be covered with them. Are you lucky again? Good job! Then you win 47 chips and 54 chips in total. You need to make a calculation with these chips. 9x6 = 54, so make 9 stacks of 6 chips in total. Again choose as much possibilities as you can. Place the chips on 9 of the 12 possible street bet to spread as much as possible. If this appears to be a good decision you’ll win 66 chips and the 6 chips from the winning bet. Your successful bet has already led to 72 chips. Fourth step: Split bets It’s again time to break the 72 chips down in stacks. This time you need to make 14 stacks of 5 chips. There are two things important. First you need to place a bet on as much numbers as possible. Don’t bet on a double number. Second, it’s important to cover the splits. In total there are 14 so called ‘split bets’. Eventually at the end of the game you only have 2 chips left. Place them on the empty numbers at the table to play as safe as possible. A winning split bet means that you get 90 chips in total, including the winning bet. Fifth step: Make a good calculation and play safe You already have 90 chips with just a buy of 20 or 30 dollars. To improve your chance of winning even more you need to gamble with so called ‘straight up bets’. These are the Roulette bets that are paid the most. Make a calculation and divide the 90 chips into 22 stacks of 4 chips. You’ll have 88 chips in total and 2 left. Sixth step: Big win To win you need to place 22 stacks of 4 chips on all the straight up numbers. Try to cover as much numbers as possible. Place the remaining chips on the empty numbers on the table. It’s a bit of a precaution, because if the chip falls on any of these numbers you can start again. If you’re lucky you’ll win 140 chips and 4 chips from the winning bet. This means 144 chips in total. So you’ve had a buy-in of 20 or 30 dollars and a win of 144 euros. Not bad! This roulette strategy is definitely worth trying in both a traditional casino and online.

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