what is the dresscode of Holland Casino?

What is the dresscode of Holland Casino? Are you planning a visit to Holland Casino real soon? Good idea, because it’s real fun! Although you can take a gamble from the comfort of your own home nowadays, there’s nothing better than the atmosphere of a land-based casino. You should be aware that there are some dress-code rules though. What do you need to wear when visiting Holland Casino and what is absolutely not allowed?

Dress appropriately in Dutch Casino's

Everyone that pays a visit to Holland Casino should be stylish and well-groomed. Otherwise you might not get access. So leave your baggy jeans and sneakers at home and put your nicest dress or suit on instead! Not everyone feels comfortable in these kind of clothes though. It’s no problem if you don’t wear them, but at least dress appropriately. A visit to Holland Casino is special and you should dress accordingly.

Which clothes are not accepted when visiting a casino?

Some styles simply don’t fit in with the atmosphere of a casino. Have you ever seen someone walking with a hoodie or baggy jeans over there? The answer is probably ‘no’. If you’re wearing these kind of clothes, you will be denied access to Holland Casino. This also applies for clothes with offensive texts, jackets, body warmers for outside, short trousers and sport clothes. Men also shouldn’t wear sleeveless t-shirts when visiting the casino or translucent clothing. It make sense that beachwear, sandals, work clothes, headgear and funny costumes are forbidden as well.

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