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Winning the lottery: how much chance do you really have?

We guess that you’re one of the many people who is interested in the chance of winning a prize in the lottery. We have good and bad news for you. The good news: The Consumer’s Association has listed the winning possibilities at the most important Dutch lotteries. The bad news: the chance that you win a big prize is very low. However, there’s a difference between the Dutch lotteries and their amount of prizes.

BankGiro Lottery: biggest chance to win one million euros

Participants of the BankGiro Lottery have the best chance of winning the Jackpot of one million euros. This sounds good, but the reality is that winning a huge amount of money is still very small, namely 1 in 790,499. Also be aware of the fact that there’s a gambling tax. After the tax deduction 699.000 euros is left. Play the Millions Game if you want to have the best chance of winning one million euros. It has a winning chance of 1 in 2.5 million.

Win another great prize at the Dutch State Lottery

A winning chance of 1 in 2.5 million is very low. Luckily there are other great prizes left. If you want to have the best chance of winning a prize, namely 1 in 2, then choose the Dutch State Lottery. However, having the greatest chance of winning does not automatically mean profit. If you want to make profit choose 24 Carat Cash Scratch Cards. The Dutch State Lottery has the highest chance of winning a prize that is greater than the deposit, namely 1 in 4.8. At this lottery ,you pay 5 euros per lot.

The big main prize of EuroJackpot

Are you dreaming of a big prize? Then the Eurojackpot might be the best choice for you. The main prize in this lottery can be as much as 63 million euros. The chance of winning it is minimal though, namely 1 in 95,344,200. And there’s a tax deduction too: 44 million euros will be left from the 63 million euros. Still not bad at all!

What are the winning odds of the New Year’s Eve lottery?

There’s only one lottery that can match the amount of the Eurojackpot: the New Years Eve Lottery. The odds of winning there are 1 in 4.7 million. However, a ticket for this lottery is quite expensive. You have to pay 30 euros each, whereas Euromillions participants already play for just 2 euros.

Subscription cancellation is often difficult

At many lotteries it’s possible to play along automatically. However, it is not always easy to cancel the subscription again. This definitely a disadvantage of these companies. In January 2020, the Dutch Consumers’ Association wrote that online subscription cancellations are often even made difficult. The Dutch Consumers’ Programme Kassa has examined the sites of the Dutch State Lottery, BankGiro Lottery, Postcode Lottery and Lotto on this point.

Research by Kassa

Kassa announced the results on 27 June 2020. In general it appears that information about cancelling by phone is fairly easy to find. However, options such as cancelling by e-mail or online way more difficult. You have to click a lot to eventually find information about it.

’As difficult as possible

Gerard Spierenburg is working for the Consumers’ Association and explains the reason as follows: “They want to make it as difficult as possible for you to unsubscribe. If you call, you can be influenced as a customer so that you might stay. A conversation can usually go as follows: ‘Soon your neighbors will be millionaires and you won’t…’


According to Spierenburg, making customers call and not showing information on the first web page, but deeper into the site is just to throw up barrier. ‘Preferably they wouldn’t have offered the cancellation information at all.’, he concludes.

Improvements have been made

There’s good news: lotteries are doing better than a few years ago. Information about cancellations was previously ‘hard to find’. Spierenburg refers to a survey by the Consumers’ Association in 2017. The spokesperson points out that on the site of the Postcode Lottery can be bought lottery tickets from the homepage with 1 click. What’s more, it’s the first button you see. For all information about cancelling lottery tickets you are 4 clicks away. ‘The ratio is lost’, Spierenburg said.


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