Dutch scratchcard at the krasloterij

Dutch people love to participate in the lottery. This is why there are several popular lottery organizations in the Netherlands, including the Dutch State Lottery, the Dutch Postcode Lottery and the Krasloterij. The latter has a different organization than the State Lottery and Postcode Lottery. What makes the Dutch Krasloterij so special?

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Factory that prints scratch cards

In Holland are Scratch cards are immensely popular nowadays. They’re used by lotteries all over the world. The main factory that prints the tickets is located in the United Kingdom. The lotteries work together with the factory and send them information about the prize pool of a certain series and how it’s going to look like. After receiving this information the tickets are printed. Sometimes a series doesn’t sell anymore. In that case the Lotto decides to replace it for another series. This actually happens a lot, about 18 times a year. So you can expect about 18 new series of scratch cards every year.

Cheap lottery tickets

Many people love to participate in the Krasloterij because it offers several advantages. First of all, a ticket for the Krasloterij is not expensive. It usually costs between 1 and 10 euros. This makes it a lot cheaper than the tickets of the Dutch State Lottery of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Many people don’t go to a retailer anymore to buy a lottery ticket. Instead, they prefer a website. It’s much easier and you don’t get soaked when it’s raining outside! Instead of asking for a lottery ticket at a retailer, you just buy it in a few clicks online. In the last couple of years online stores for scratching cards have become the perfect alternative for retailers.

Which scratch cards can I buy in Holland?

At the moment you can buy several scratch cards in the Netherlands. Use the following information to make a good choice: Name of the scratch card How much does a ticket cost? Main prize Winning odds

  • Ping-win 1 euro 400 euros 1:4.6
  • Neon 90’s 5 euro 20.000 euros 1:3,6975
  • VIP Club 5 euros 20.000 euros 1:3,70
  • VIP Club 2 euros 10.000 euros 1:4
  • VIP Club 10 euros 50.000 euros 1:3,50
  • Cadeau Kalender 5 euro 50 euros 1:2,366
  • 24 Karaat Cash 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:3.9
  • Flappen Krassen 2 euros 50.000 euros 1:4,04
  • 7 Klapper 1,50 euros 50.000 euros 1:4,59
  • Klavertje 4 1 euros 25.000 euros 1:4,88
  • Nummertje 3 euros 15.000 euros 1:3,75
  • Spaarvarken 1 euro 25 euros 1:4,65
  • Banarama 1 euro 400 euros 1:4,60
  • 50x Cash 10 euro 50.000 euros 1:3,5
  • Geluksgetallen 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:3,7
  • Alle schaapjes op ‘t droge 1 euro 400 euros 1: 4,6
  • 20 jaar Kras & Win 5 euro 2000 euros 1:3,70
  • 7-11-21 5 euro 71.12 euros 1:3,68 euros
  • Saffier and Gold 2 euro 10.000 euros 1:3,68
  • Smaragd and Gold 5 euro 20.000 euros 1:3,70
  • Diamond and Gold 10 euro 50.000 euros 1:3,50
  • Gelukskever 1 euro 400 euros 1:3,68
  • Make My Day 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:2
  • Make My Week 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:2
  • Make My Month 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:2
  • Krasbot 1 euro 400 euros 1:4,60

High pay-out rate scratch cards

As you can see, you can buy a lot of scratch cards. Most of them don’t cost much. The low ticket costs are not the only reason for the popularity of this lottery. The pay-out rate is usually great as well. What’s more, it’s twice as much as the pay-out from the Dutch State Lottery and the BankGiro Lottery! The pay-out is 56 percent to be precisely. However, because of the cheap tickets and high pay-out the revenue of the Kras Lottery is lower than the other two lotteries. The total revenue is 62.5 million euros, and about 37,5 million euros is put into the prize pool.

Lower prize money krasloterij

The lower revenue of the Krasloterij also has another effect: lower prizes. This doesn’t mean that you cannot win a nice amount of money at all. The main prize at the Krasloterij is 500.000 euros. There are actually a few big prizes and a lot of small prizes. For example, think about a popular scratch card known as ‘Flappenkrassen’. In total there are 3 million scratch cards of Flappenkrassen available. This seems a lot, but most tickets usually have a small prize. There are actually just two prizes of 50.000 euros. It’s followed by a second prize of 5000 euros and 16 prizes of 250 euros. So a simple calculation leads to a total amount of 375.000 tickets worth just 2 euros. Or perhaps you win 4 euros. You have quite a big chance to win, because there 207.000 tickets with this small amount of money around. Don’t expect to become a millionaire Think about prizes of 10, 5 or 1 euro for example. On the other hand, you have quite a big chance to win one of the lower prizes. Although the amount of money you win might not be very impressive, it’s still nice to win something. The winning odds of the scratch cards are usually 1:2 or 1:3. Sounds good, but you usually don’t become a millionaire with this. Take the Flappenkrassen cards again, for example. If you wouldn’t count the 375.000 tickets worth 2 euros, the winning odds are only 1:8,08. You never have to wait on the results Another great advantage of the Krasloterij is that you never have to wait to know if you’ve won. At the other lotteries you always have to wait for the results of the draw. This is not the case at the Krasloterij, in which you just have to scratch open the square on your ticket. You win a prize if the ticket has three identical symbols. Don’t wait to claim your prize, because you can do this immediately. Good luck!

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