November 21, 2022 - 4:00 pm

Extra cash prizes for subscriber players at the Eurojackpot

From now on, Eurojackpot subscriber players will have a chance to win extra cash prizes. The Eurojackpot will start this promotion in November and December. As a subscriber player, you never miss a draw and therefore have a chance to win extra cash prizes in addition to the €120 million jackpot.

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Additional cash prizes for subscribers

In addition to the regular monthly prizes, Eurojackpot members receive bonus prizes available exclusively to them every month. These bonus items can be quite valuable and provide extra Christmas presents for family members. We are giving away $ 100 in bonus money 45 times in November - more than any other month of the year!

As a Eurojackpot subscriber, you will automatically receive €100 in cash every week. During the period from 14-27 November, subscribers must play at least one draw each week to win.

We will reward one randomly chosen lucky subscriber with €100 in cash on 5 December. This announcement will be made public on the same date.

Subscribing to Eurojackpot offers benefits

  • Automatic draws take place every Tuesday and Friday. This gives you time to think about what to do with your enormous wealth. You won't miss a draw anymore.
  • Any way you want to play is fine; just customise the lottery tickets to suit your style. What's more, you can easily opt out of participating again.
  • Every week, the Eurojackpot slot jackpot rises with the highest percentage of possible outcomes. It can grow up to €120 million. This is the highest slot game jackpot in the Netherlands.
  • Subscribers regularly receive exclusive promotions that other readers do not have. This is one of those promotions.
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