November 15, 2022 - 2:32 pm

Texas Hold'em jackpot winner in Holland Casino Utrecht

The Holland Casino branch in Utrecht won the second Texas Hold'em jackpot in recent history after winning €139,000. The first jackpot was won by a player last week. It cost him only 2.50 to bet on his hands. Holland Casino now has the Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker Jackpot at 14 locations in the casino.

New poker jackpot 25.000 euro

After the initial drop, the progressive jackpot remained at €25.000 for two and a half months. Then it fell for the first time in August. Since then, the progressive jackpot has decreased again, with the last drop in February.

Surprisingly, he played the first hand of poker that night.

Poker at Holland Casino

Holland Casino has 14 establishments in the Netherlands. In all these establishments, the Ultimate Texas Hold'em Jackpot can be played. The Utrecht branch opened in 2000 and offers both slots and table games. The Holland Casino Online website has been available to Dutch people aged 18 and over who want to play online since October 2021.

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