Protection & rules for online gamblers

Online gambling sites are permitted with a licence from the Dutch Gambling Authority. Gambling providers must protect players. We are striving for a world in which gambling is reliable and providers are transparent. The player is protected. The game is fair and the odds are clear. There are no gambling addicts and no illegal practices.

Rules for gambling since 1 October 2021

New rules for gambling have been in place since 1 October. Some rules apply to risky games of chance, such as online gambling sites, slot machine halls and casinos. Some rules apply to all games of chance. These rules apply to high risk games of chance and also to low risk games of chance, such as lotteries. If the gambling site or lottery does not follow the rules then they can receive a large fine.

Rules for risky games of chance

  • Advertisements and bonuses must not be aimed at young people under 24 years of age.
  • Well known persons and professional sportsmen such as professional football players are not allowed to advertise high-risk games of chance.
  • All providers of risky games of chance must not offer bonuses to players during their participation in a game.
  • All providers of high-risk games of chance should determine, with the advice of experience and addiction experts, when they will intervene with players who threaten to become addicted. And in what way they do this. 
  • All providers of risky games of chance must keep track of which players frequently come to gamble or bet. If someone comes too often or spends too much money, they must point this out to the player. What action they take depends on the situation. It ranges from talking to the player or showing an online pop-up window to recording the player in Cruks.

Rules for all games of chance 2023

Advertisements and bonuses may not be aimed at:

  • young people up to the age of 24;
  • People with mental health problems;
  • People with gambling problems;
  • People with mental disabilities.
  • Well-known persons under 25 years of age or who are popular among young people may not advertise lotteries.

Organisations such as advertising agencies, media and banks are not allowed to provide services to unlicensed gambling providers. The Games of Chance Authority can oblige these companies to immediately stop this cooperation.

There is a national exclusion register (officially the Central Register of Exclusions of Games of Chance or Cruks). Those listed in Cruks are not allowed to enter casinos or slot machine halls, and are not allowed to gamble online.

Registration for Cruks

Players can register themselves for Cruks. Their family or friends can also do so to protect someone from themselves. Providers of high-risk games of chance can also register players for the register. If providers, family or friends register someone for the register, the Chancellor's Office determines whether the player will indeed be included in the register.

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